June 6, 2021

Migrating To Canada As An Accountant: Things You Should Know

Currently, there is a high demand for accountants in Canada as well as around the world. However, as an accountant in Canada, you get to be a respected member of the community while earning enough money to support yourself and your family. What’s more, you get to enjoy an excellent quality of life in a country that takes pride in looking after its residents.

If you have been in the financial industry for a long, you would already know that a job in the financial arena is worth its weight in gold. Now, let us show you that you can immigrate to Canada as an accountant effortlessly. The top-notch business acumen will put you at the forefront of the job market in Canada. Nevertheless, accountants are also in constant demand, which means job security for you in Canada is always a given.

Sneak Peek: Migrating to Canada as an Accountant

If you are in search of ways to immigrate to Canada as an accountant, you might feel overwhelmed by the excitement of landing and then securing a steady job. You should know that finding an accounting job in Canada is just a matter of leveraging your personal skill sets. Simply become proactive, and it will help you get your CV noticed by the right people in the right places.

When it comes to migrating to Canada as an accountant, every occupation on the Canadian NOC List is assigned an immigration code. While there are several NOC codes for accountants, the primary one is NOC 1111 in the financial auditors and accountant’s category. Additional NOC codes for accountants are:

NOC 1311 – Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers

NOC 1431 – Accounting and Related Clerks

NOC 6411 – Sales and Account Representatives (Non-Technical Wholesale Trade)

In order to migrate to Canada as an accountant under NOC code 1111, you should hold a chartered or regulated status in your home country. Alongside the chartered status, you will also require an undergraduate degree.

Simple Steps for Immigrating to Canada as an Accountant

Taking your first step towards immigrating can always be overwhelming. Nonetheless, with the right Canadian migration agents, you can make your dreams come true effortlessly. Here are the easiest steps you can take to migrate to Canada as an accountant.

  1. Determine your National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.
  2. Evaluate your Academic Credentials.
  3. Choose the right Immigration Programme.

What are Your Options to Immigrate to Canada as an Accountant?

  • Express Entry

The Express Entry Program was brought into existence to quickly track skilled or experience visa applicants and bring them to Canada to work and add to their economy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meaning, if you are in search of a Canadian immigration program that will help you migrate quickly, then this might be the right option for you. The Express Entry further comprises of three programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Regardless of the program you choose, you should create a profile where you will enter your details. Furthermore, a Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) is determined based on the information you provided, and you will be placed into the pool of candidates. Thereafter, frequent draws are periodically held where candidates are chosen from the pool based on their CRS score.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nomination Program is much like the Express Entry program, save for the fact that it is provincial specific. For instance, if you have a job offer in Saskatchewan, you might be able to apply for a provincial nomination to the BC provincial government. In case you succeed, you will receive a letter that you can then submit to the IRCC with your application for permanent residency. While this might look like the longer route for a visa, it will undoubtedly help you leverage the process better.

Similarly, you sure can apply for a provincial nomination without a job offer, either through the Express Entry program by making an Expression of Interest (EOI) in a specific province in which you wish to move to or submitting directly to the province. Typically, accountants are sought-after in most provinces, so your chances of success are significantly higher than in other professions.

If your provincial nomination application on your Express Entry profile is successful, an additional 600 points will be added to your CRS, which, provided you are eligible to migrate to Canada, will guarantee your ITA for Canadian permanent residency.

  • Atlantic Immigration Program

Canada’s east coast is yet unexplored by immigrants. Provinces like Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia’s Atlantic have joined hands to introduce a new immigration pathway—the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, an immigration option exclusively designed to serve the province’s gloomiest labor needs. There are three categories under this pathway:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

In Atlantic Canada alone, there are nearly 100 openings for accountants currently, this includes roles for auditors and bookkeepers, which are marketed as separate professions.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant With Pelican Migration Consultants

Once you have established yourself working and living in Canada, the next step you could take is to grab Permanent Residency (PR). If you meet the general requirements, you can easily apply for your PR status, which will allow you to remain in the country indefinitely and reap most of the benefits of actual citizenship.

At Pelican Migration Consultants, we offer our clients top to bottom assistance in both immigration and employment. Leveraging the expertise of our Canada immigration consultants, we provide individual clients an extensive service through our in-house recruitment. We will empower you on how to submit your profile, including your CRS score in the Express Entry Pool. To put it short, we help you migrate to Canada from overseas, in the easiest way possible, and beyond!