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Using years of expertise, we provide the best Portugal immigration services to people wanting to pursue new jobs, businesses, and a new life in Portugal. We ensure covering your bases to help you avoid the stress of time-consuming procedures.

Portugal Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), which further can be extended and converted into Permanent Residence Permit and Portuguese Citizenship, is of great benefit to immigrants aspiring for new investments or jobs in the country. But the process is not as straightforward as it may appear. Understanding the different regulations and policies of distinct categories can be stressful until you have someone’s expertise and guidance. As the best Portugal Immigration Consultants in Dubai, we facilitate your migration to Portugal and offer migrate-to-Portugal services taking responsibility for the entire management of your application to make sure that your case runs as smoothly as possible.

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Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa helps you acquire the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) through establishment of a business or a company in Portugal either physically or online with certain requirements.

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D7 Visa

Portugal D7 Visa helps you acquire the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) based on the proven means of livelihood (retirement, pensions, rented real estate, investments, etc) with certain requirements.

Migrate to Portugal 03
Freelance Visa

Freelance Visa helps you acquire the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) through the evidence of a self employed professional or occupation of a trade function, working for himself in Portugal and registered as such.

Portugal Immigration Eligibility & Benefits

Portugal, known as Europe’s best-kept secret and a friendly country to migrants, is now one of the world’s most beautiful places. Portugal is a welcoming country with several immigration possibilities for newcomers. We make it simple for you to migrate to Portugal.

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Eligibility For Portugal Immigration

Portugal's immigrant-friendly immigration rules make it an excellent place to relocate. We will assist you in obtaining a Portugal Residence Permit if you;

  • Migrate to Portugal Possess a valid Resident Visa
  • Migrate to Portugal Proof of financial independence
  • Migrate to Portugal Certificate of descent (if applicable)
  • Migrate to Portugal Certificate of criminal responsibility
  • Migrate to Portugal Employment agreement (if applicable)
  • Migrate to Portugal Accommodation documentation (if applicable)

Benefits Of Portugal Immigration

The efforts that you and we have made are all in pursuit of the benefits and advantages of this permanent residence, which will allow you to reap the following rewards.

  • Migrate to Portugal Visa-free travel to the EEA/EU and the Schengen Area
  • Migrate to Portugal Gaining access to the labor force.
  • Migrate to Portugal Education is available to everybody.
  • Migrate to Portugal The ability to use the Portuguese healthcare system
  • Migrate to Portugal Unemployment compensation (in case you lose your job).
  • Migrate to Portugal Other family members may accompany you.
  • Migrate to Portugal The possibility of becoming a Portuguese citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Migrate to Portugal
  • Migrate to Portugal
  • Migrate to Portugal
How can I migrate to Portugal?

Portugal is a migration-friendly country offering many visa options to the immigrants.You need to apply for a Residency Visa or a Temporary Residence Permit to move to Portugal. Residency Visa allows you to enter and live in the country for only 3 or 4 months whereas the Temporary Residence Permit has a tenure of one year which can further be extended. But, before acquiring a Residency permit, you must have a Residency Visa. Thus, the immigration process can be explained as: Residency Visa → Temporary Residency Permit → Permanent Residence Permit in the 5th year → Portuguese Citizenship in the 6th year. You can apply for Temporary Residency Permits
through Entrepreneur Visa, D7 Visa, and Freelance Visa.

What is a Portugal permanent residency visa?

A Portugal permanent residency visa allows you to reside and work freely in the country. It gives you access to many other benefits available to the Portugal Citizens such as educational benefits, Unemployment benefits, Access to the Portuguese healthcare system and most importantly the Right to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Explain Portugal immigration with zero investment? (D7 Visa)

Yes, you can migrate to Portugal with zero investment through a D7 Visa. The D7 Visa allows foreigners to enter Portugal for the purpose of obtaining a TRP based on the proven existence of means of livelihood. Therefore, the applicant needs to prove sufficient income (retirement, pensions, rented real estate, investments, etc) to reside in Portugal. According to Portuguese Law, each household must prove a specified income source for a 12-month period. Once it is granted, the D7 Visa is valid through a four-month period in which the holder shall enter Portugal in order to apply for the respective TRP.

What is Portuguese citizenship investment?

The Golden Visa Program allows non-EU/EEA citizens as well as eligible family members to acquire permanent residency and many other benefits in exchange for an eligible five-year investment in Portugal. Portuguese golden visa holders can work and live in Portugal as long as they reside in the country for at least seven days in the first year and then 14 days in each successive year. Thus, with only 35 days spread over five years in Portugal, you can acquire Portuguese citizenship as long as you’ve got your investment. A Golden Visa can be obtained by purchasing property for as little as €280,000 Euro. Capital transfer, property purchase, and
fund investment are some other investment options that can be used for this Visa.

How Does It Work

Our immigration consultants in Dubai specialise in assisting individuals, families, businesses, and investors obtain a Portugal Residence Permit through the following steps:

Fill the Application Form

The process starts with filling the online application form.

Scan and Upload the Documents

Uploading the required documents in English.

Submit the Completed Application

After ensuring all the mandatory fields are filled, the application is submitted.

Check Your Application Status

We keep you updated about your application status regularly.

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