What is New Zealand PR Visa ?

For international migrants, New Zealand is becoming a popular destination. The country provides a calm, clean, and secure environment. Apart from that, the country does have low unemployment rates, beautiful landscapes, modern infrastructures, a strong economy, a small population, as well as family-friendly immigration policies, making it an ideal position to settle down. The country welcomes immigrants who wish to settle down as well as offers both temporary and permanent migrant entry options. Read on to know what exactly is a New Zealand PR Visa and what options are available to you.

The ultimate goal of pursuing a professional career is to obtain a position in your chosen field of expertise. As a result, you apply for a permanent residence visa, which allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely while also receiving government-funded services. A New Zealand PR can help you get good job offers based on a variety of factors, including your years of professional experience, age, as well as educational qualifications, to name a few. This visa also allows us to move freely between New Zealand and any other country in the world.

Benefits of New Zealand PR Visa

  • You will be allowed to live, work, travel, as well as study indefinitely in New Zealand.
  • You can get subsidised medical services and also social security benefits.
  • Your children will be able to attend free state-run schools and universities.
  • To register and vote in elections (after one year of residence)
  • If your relatives fulfil the residency and assurance of support requirements, you will be able to sponsor them to apply for permanent resident visas.
  • After residing in New Zealand for certain years, you will be able to apply for citizenship, provided you meet all of the other requirements, such as a basic command of the English language, language abilities, good character, and a clear intention to stay in the country.
  • Your children who are born in New Zealand are automatically citizens of New Zealand.

General Eligibility Requirements

Each PR Visa category has different requirements but there are some general eligibility requirements that are as follows:

  • You should be less than 55 years old
  • Fluency as well as command of the English language are required.
  • You should have Job offer in hand if you have applied for sponsored work visa
  • You must be able to demonstrate good health and good character
  • You should be able to demonstrate your intention to remain in the country
  • You must be able to demonstrate good health and good character
  • You should have lived under a resident visa for 2 years in New Zealand.
  • You should have fulfilled the required conditions of your resident visa
  • You should have held your resident visa for at least two years.

Temporary visa options


Working holiday visa:

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 is eligible for a working holiday visa, which allows them to work while travelling for a year. However, you are not permitted to bring your children. You should have a return flight or enough money to purchase one when you come into the country.

Essential skills category

This category is for workmen who have a job offer and have the qualifications or knowledge that a company requires. In the essential skills category, the employer is entitled to demonstrate that they are unable to find a comparable suitable individual in New Zealand to fill the position.

Silver Fern category

This category is for highly qualified 20 to 35-year-olds seeking work in New Zealand. This category allows you to stay in New Zealand for a period of nine months which can be further extended to 2 years). Each year, only 300 spots are readily accessible. Every November, applications for the succeeding year become available.

Permanent visa options

Permanent residency in New Zealand can be obtained in these two ways:


Changing a work permit into a permanent residence permit

Permit to Work in a Long-Term Skill Shortage Situation: If your skills are on the long-term shortage list, you are permitted to work in New Zealand for 30 months. You will be eligible to apply for permanent residency after two years. To be considered for this, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be under 55 years old
  • Fluency as well as command of the English language are required.
  • You should have Job offer in hand
  • You must be able to demonstrate good health and good character
  • You must be qualified through the job training or experience
  • You must possess full or p

Permit for Talent (Accredited Employer) Work: This permit is valid if you have an offer of employment from a New Zealand company that is approved to hire foreign workers but your occupation is not on the skills shortage list. After two years, you can apply for permanent residency. Candidates must be 55 years old or older.

Permission to Work as a Talent (Arts, Culture, and Sports): In this scenario, you are qualified for a permit if you have recognized interests and skills in the arts, culture, or sports. You’ll need a sponsor and “a New Zealand organisation of national distinction in your field of talent” to help you succeed.

Permit for Entrepreneur work: If you want to start a business/company in New Zealand as a first stage toward being a New Zealand resident, this is the permit for you. A minimum funding of NZ$100,000 and an appropriate business plan is required to apply.

After working in New Zealand as an immigrant with in-demand skills, applying for permanent residency.

The skilled migrant category is for immigrant workers whose skills are in high demand (on any of the deficiency lists), but who have not been offered a job before coming. If you fall into this category, you can apply for a permit by meeting the following requirements:

  • You should be less than 55 years old
  • Fluency, as well as command of the English language, are required.
  • You should be able to demonstrate your intention to remain in the country
  • You must be able to demonstrate good health and good character

After checking your eligibility criteria, you will be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), after which you will be invited to apply if your age, expertise, employability, as well as qualifications, acquire you enough points. To determine eligibility for this visa category, a points-based system is used. To be considered for the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool, you must score between 100 and 135 points, but this does not ensure an ITA. To be eligible for an invitation to apply (ITA) for the PR visa, you must rank at least 140 points in the EOI pool.
The points are awarded based on age, employment, professional experience, education, as well as family members living in New Zealand, among other factors.

New Zealand PR Points System

You are awarded points on the basis of the following criteria:

60 points for prevailing skilled employees who have worked for more than a year, 50 points for those looking for work or who have worked for less than a year.

Work Experience:Ranges from 10 to 30 points for 2 to 10 years of experience, plus extra points for perks and performance appraisals.

Qualifications:A Bachelor’s Degree or other major Diploma qualification is worth 50 points, while a Master’s or Doctorate Degree is worth 55 points.

Family Ties:In New Zealand, 10 points are awarded to close relatives.

Age: Maximum of 30 points for those aged 20-29, with a minimum of 5 points for those aged 50-55.

General documents required for the New Zealand PR Visa Application:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Qualification certificates
  • Employment proofs
  • English proficiency test results
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical examination clearance
  • Police Clearance Certification (PCC)

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