What is Portugal's D2 Visa?

The Portugal D2 Visa is one of Europe’s most basic entrepreneurial residence schemes. The program, also known as the Portugal Residence Permit for Entrepreneurial Immigrants or the Portugal Entrepreneur Visa, is quickly becoming popular among non-EEA business people looking to live in Portugal. It is also important to highlight that the D2 Residency Program is distinct from the Portuguese startup business.

As a result of the D2 visa, you can establish a more traditional business (such as a restaurant or guest home), as well as a Portuguese branch of your current overseas enterprise. The D2 Visa Program, on the other hand, allows you to launch a technology-focused firm.

Most beneficial route to migrate to Portugal

Small and medium-sized enterprises are targeted by the D2 visa. Because the primary goal of this visa is to generate foreign resources to aid the development of the Portuguese economy, you must have a good business strategy. Your business proposal will be assessed for its financial feasibility as well as its economic, social, scientific, technical, and cultural importance. Unlike the start-up Visa, which is intended for technology or startup-type firms, the D2 Visa has no restrictions on the sort of business you can start in Portugal. It might be anything from a café, restaurant, or guest house to a technology firm or an import-export company. You can even open a Portuguese branch of an existing international company.

What is Portugal's Permanent Residency?

The Portugal D2 offers both a road to Portuguese citizenship and a way of life in Portugal. Portuguese resident permits are provided for one year under the D2 visa, following which the permission is renewed every two years.

Those on the D2 are allowed to seek permanent residency after 5 years of residence in Portugal (renewable every 10 years). With a Portuguese passport, they can also seek Portuguese citizenship. To retain your residency and be eligible for permanent residency, you must spend at least six months in Portugal continuously (or eight months with interruptions). However, if your job needs you to go outside of Portugal, there is a certain degree of leeway.

Benefits of Portugal's Entrepreneur Visa

No significant investment:

Unlike the Golden Visa scheme, you do not need to make a minimum investment of €350,000. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you start your new firm with a minimum of €5,000 to increase the credibility and profitability of your suggested business plan.

No language requirement:

You will not be required to speak Portuguese to apply for the D2 Residency Program; nevertheless, to apply for citizenship, you must be able to pass a basic Portuguese proficiency exam (A2 Level). You can alternatively complete this criterion by providing a diploma or certificate from a language school demonstrating your proficiency in the language.

Quick application process:

Your Portugal D2 Visa and residence application can be processed in as little as 4 to 5 months.

Visa-free EU travel:

As a Portuguese resident, you can travel visa-free to 26 other EU countries for business or pleasure.

Bring your family:

You can apply to bring your family to Portugal based on family reunification if you can show marital and blood relations, as well as the resources to accommodate and maintain your spouse and dependent children.

How to get a Portuguese Permanent Resident Visa from the UAE ?

The Portugal Entrepreneur Visa Application Process

Create your company strategy first, then gather all of the essential paperwork. After that, you must contact the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in your native country and apply for a D2 Visa.

Pelican Migration Consultants may assist you in identifying portions of your plans and documentation that may be questioned by the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate when they conduct a thorough check of your application and paperwork. The necessity of having your papers and business plan match in context and not include any negative or ineffective elements cannot be overstated.

You will need the following documents to support your Portugal D2 Visa application:

  • Passport
  • Visa application form (minimum 3 months validity for the duration of the stay)
  • Two up-to-date passport photos of acceptable quality.
  • Valid travel insurance with enough medical coverage that includes emergency medical assistance and repatriation.
  • You must give proof that your status is lawful if you are not a citizen of the nation where you are staying.
  • Proof of criminal history for you and your dependents aged 16 and above, obtained within the past three months.
  • Evidence of a means of sustenance This usually entails a full-time yearly pay, plus half of that for your spouse and €2,160 for your children. Portugal’s minimum salary is roughly €7,200; however, it varies from year to year.

If you match the requirements, getting a visa takes roughly 180 days on average, with a decision usually arriving within 60 days of completing your application. However, depending on your specific situation and other discretionary matters of the immigration office, it may take longer.

Pelican migration consultants with years of expertise can assist you in making your journey easier to navigate, Regardless of where you now reside in the country or region.

Would you like to relocate from Dubai to Portugal?

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