October 15, 2018

Benefits of holding a Canadian Passport – Canada Immigration

A Canadian passport is a document that is issued to the citizens of Canada. Canadian passport ranks 5th overall in the world in regards to the countries its citizen can visit freely or with a visa on arrival.

A Canadian passport holder can exit or re-enter Canada freely. They can travel abroad to other countries based on their visa requirements. Also, get assistance from the Canadian Consulates and can request protection when they are traveling abroad.

There are various advantages in holding a Canadian Passport such as:-

  1. Right to vote in Election;
  2. Run for a party in an election;
  3. A Canadian passport holder should never be worried about losing their status, unlike Permanent Residents. Canadian Citizens will never lose their citizenship if they have committed a serious crime unlike PR holders who will lose their residency status and face deportation if they are found guilty of a serious crime in Canada;
  4. Canadian Permanent Residency Card is valid for only 5 years and is requested by the majority of government officials and employers during its tenure for various purposes. A PR holder will always come under a situation in which they need to follow the strict rules and guidelines while applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency renewal, however, a Canadian Passport is valid indefinite and if they would like to travel abroad, they need to renew their passport every 10 years;
  5. If you are a Canadian Passport holder, your child will be automatically granted Canadian Citizenship no matter the child is born inside or outside Canada. The child does not need to follow the rules and guidelines which you followed while applying for Canadian Citizenship. If you are holding a Canadian Permanent Residency Card, you can apply for your child's citizenship only if the child is born inside Canada. If the child is born outside Canada, you need to sponsor them for the immigration purpose;
  6. A Canadian Citizen can live anywhere in the world without losing nationality. The only restriction they can face is if they haven’t stayed in Canada for more than 5 years they will lose the right to vote in Federal Elections.

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