What is Portugal's D7 Visa?

The Portuguese government created the Portugal D7 Visa in 2007. It's also called a Portugal Passive Income Visa or a Retirement Visa. Any non-EU/EEA/Swiss national with a respectable net regular passive income can apply for residency in Portugal using this residence visa. Pensions, stock options, real estate, intellectual property, and financial investments are examples of income sources.

A yearly salary of €8,460 is the minimum required passive income for this visa, plus 50% for the spouse and 30% for each dependent kid. This is true regardless of where the person comes from. This visa provides legal residency in Portugal for you and your family. In order to stimulate the economy, it aims to encourage retirees and individuals with passive income to live in Portugal. Besides that, holders of this visa are permitted to engage in professional activities in Portugal. A series of residency applications are required to apply for the D7 visa at the Portuguese consulate. Under the family reunification laws, your immediate family becomes eligible for a residence permit once you obtain your visa.

Furthermore, because this visa is registered with the Schengen Information System, it permits you to travel across the Schengen zone visa-free.

Most beneficial route to migrate to Portugal

Do you know which route to Portugal is the most advantageous? The D7 Visa for Portugal.

The Portugal D7 visa, or the Portugal Passive Income Visa, allows the bearer to get a one-year residence permit in Portugal, which may be renewed for two years until being converted into a permanent residence permit after five years. The residence rights in Portugal include

  • Access to National Health Service Care (NHS)
  • Enroll in the National Education Service and go to school in Portugal
  • Engage in any professional activity as an independent professional
  • Access to and protection from the Portuguese legal system
  • Access to Vocational Education in Portugal.

What is Portugal's Permanent Residency?

Once you hold a D7 visa, you can apply for a one-year residence permit in Portugal. After that, you can renew for another two years in a row. You can seek lawful permanent residency after five years of lawful residency. You can also seek naturalization to become a Portuguese citizen. However, you must pass a Portuguese language exam to become a naturalized Portuguese citizen.

Benefits of Portugal's D7 Visa

When you move to Portugal, you will be eligible for several government perks. These benefits include:

Improved mobility

The D7 visa enables visa-free travel across the Schengen region, allowing D7 visa holders to travel freely throughout the European Union for a set length of time.

Permanent residence and citizenship in Portugal

You can apply for a one-year residence permit in Portugal after receiving the Portugal D7 visa. After that, your D7 visa can be renewed every two years. You can apply for permanent residency and, if you like, Portuguese citizenship after five years of lawful presence.

Obtain Portuguese residency rights

As a Portuguese resident, you have access to a variety of advantages, including national healthcare, local schools, professional activity as an independent contractor, complete legal protection, and access to vocational training.

Visa-free EU travel:

As a Portuguese resident, you can travel visa-free to 26 other EU countries for business or pleasure.

Reuniting with the family

Your family can join you in Portugal once you have obtained a D7 visa. SEF can help you request a family reunion. As long as they are financially reliant on you, your spouse or partner, minor siblings, children under the age of 18, including dependents, children beyond the age of 18 who are dependent, and parents or spouse/partners' parents are all eligible.

The D7 Visa Application Process

Step 1: Get a NIF Number and Open a Bank Account

The first step before beginning any legal process in Portugal is to get a NIF number. This is your legal taxation number, and it permits you to conduct financial transactions in the country. You can have a power of attorney receive that number on your behalf without entering Portugal. Following the acquisition of the NIF number, you must create a bank account in Portugal, which may also be done remotely.

Step 2: Book Your Accommodation

You will need to acquire suitable lodging in Portugal as part of the D7 visa application procedure. You can accomplish this by renting or purchasing property in the area.

Step 3: Apply for a D7 visa at the Portuguese Consulate.

You must apply for an appointment with the Portuguese consulate in your current region online. The specific documentation necessary varies by area. In most circumstances, the following papers will be required:

  • D7 application form
  • Original passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • Proof of recurring or passive income
  • Evidence of habitation
  • Look for any criminal records
  • Valid travel insurance with medical coverage
  • Bank statements from the previous six months

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