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Since 1945, Australia has had a rich history of migration from each corner of the world. Around seven million people have migrated to Australia from that time until now. What is the reason behind these migrations? Australia has an education system which is extremely dignified and globally accepted. The economy of the region is very stable and appropriate to live a standard life. On the other hand, the high-profile jobs intrigue people from various sides on a serious note. It will be a great decision for a student with an ambitious mind to study in Australia in this age of globalization. Pelican Migration Consultants can help you in this case soulfully.

Why Should You Choose Australia for Higher Studies?

Technology has connected the entire world and transformed our world into a global village. Australia is one of the leading countries which has the enlistments in technologies and technical studies. The other reasons for a student to apply for an Australia Student Visa Instead of any other countries are discussed below.


  1. Life in Australia is quite more cost-effective or pocket friendly for a student of Asia than the lives in the USA or UK. This aspect attracts students from every part of the world.
  2. Among the 37 universities of Australia, seven universities have ranked among the 100 universities of the world. This proves the actual standard of the education system of the country.
  3. International students in Australia generally get the best exposure to succeed and high paid jobs very frequently.
  4. Cities of Australia such as Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne are completely safe for the students and beautifully built. The pupils, who are nature lovers, generally come to this land to enhance their level of knowledge with the magical touch of nature.

Education Systems in Australia

Just like the other countries, the school education system in Australia is divided into mainly three proportions such as Primary section, secondary school section and senior secondary school section. After that, the stream of higher studies is divided into more three options like University education, VET and pathway programs.

  1. University education is all about the scope of formal studies. The options like bachelor’s, masters, doctoral degrees are main in this scenario.
  2. VET refers to the term Vocational Education Training. In the training, students learn industrial skills based on technical studies. The certification courses from these education centres are also significant for the students.
  3. Pathway programmed refers to the basic guidelines for the international students who want to flourish in Australia as a successful person.

Quality of Education in Australia

Among the education basic standards of the quality education rate because of the entire world, Australia comes into the third rank. With a quality index of 70.5 Australia caters to international students with all the benefits and privileges. Diversified society and the racism-free university campuses are the another quality of Australia by which the country attracts the students from all over the world.

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