December 20, 2021

How to migrate to Canada from Oman?

Canada has been one of the world's quickest developing, most diversified, and most popular attractions for immigrants. People from all around the world desire to immigrate to Canada for a variety of reasons, including looking for a better prospect for their families, achieving better job satisfaction and work-life balance, and most importantly to avail of Permanent Residency benefits.

Permanent residency in Canada grants you the very same rights as Canadian citizens, including access to healthcare and social advantages, job opportunities, as well as protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But except for the right to vote or run for political office, that also only for a limited period of time. So, there are many reasons that compel migrants to choose Canada over other countries. If you are one of the immigrants looking for the route to immigrate to Canada from Oman, read on to know more about the process.


Different Immigration Programs to apply for immigration to Canada

Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Canada Work Visa, Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, Canada Student Visa, Canada Investor Visa Program, family sponsorship program are some of the many immigration programs offered by Canada to choose from.

  • Express Entry program

Many provinces and territories can use the Express Entry system to propose a certain pool of participants who satisfy their local provincial/territorial market demands. Candidates for immigration through the Express Entry program who have been nominated by a province are also awarded 600 points underneath the Comprehensive Ranking System. These extra points imply that the candidates will be invited to apply for permanent residence through an Express Entry pool draw. To enter an Express Entry pool, all applicants must still meet the required criteria with at least one of the federal economic immigration programs, depending on the province:

  • FSW (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • FST (Federal Skilled Trades)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


  • Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or PNP allows Canadian provinces to nominate or invite applicants who are looking to migrate to Canada or planning to settle in a particular province in Canada. The invited skilled workers are encouraged to settle and migrate to meet the growing demands of the economic needs of the province as per its agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

If you receive a provincial nomination, your proposal for a Canadian immigration visa will indeed be processed quickly, as well as your possibilities of obtaining a permanent residence visa will increase dramatically. Typically, an application underneath the provincial nominee programs is forwarded directly to the provincial government's office before applying for a Canadian PR visa making the evaluation easier and quicker. Do check How the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works for Canada Migration?


  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec has its own immigration policies. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program allows you to immigrate to Quebec Canada if you meet certain requirements such as academic achievement, professional experience, age, communication skills in English and French, number of direct dependents, and financial capacity to sustain yourself and your direct dependents. You can live, take a job, and settle in this province if you migrate through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Every Immigration Program has indeed been specially designed to appeal to applicants who may have different work skills sets, professional training, and experience. It is preferable to migrate to Canada with the assistance of  CICC licensed immigration consultants in Dubai, like Pelican Migration Consultants.


How to apply for a Canadian PR Visa from Oman

The Following Are the Steps Involved in the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa Program:

  • Step 1: Educational Credential Assessment Process
  • Step 2: Language Proficiency Result
  • Step 3: Express Entry application submission
  • Step 4: Understanding your CRS score and helping every applicant to improve it
  • Step 5: Waiting for the Invitation and Final Permanent Residency application Submission
  • Step 6: Waiting to get the final Visa Confirmation

Migrating to Canada may appear simple, but the procedure is not as simple as it appears. Because of the continuously changing immigration standards and regulations, which are hard to interpret and pursue, it is best to contact Canada Immigration Consultants who can assist and guide you throughout the process.


Choosing the Best Immigration Consultants

Immigration Consultants in Dubai provide professional one-to-one assistance ensuring you give your best in front of the Canadian Immigration Department. Pelican Migration Consultants as RCICs Immigration consultants assist its clients in obtaining visas to Canada. We help the clients in analyzing the clients' chances of being granted a visa, then preparing clients and giving feedback for VISA interviews, developing a customized immigration strategic plan for each client separately.

Assisting them with the completion of their immigration application areas and the paperwork required by making sure that the documents are being proofread by RCIC to ensure that they are error-free as well as accurate is also our responsibility to help you give your best. In conclusion, we try to help our clients with all aspects of Canadian immigration starting from the start.

We offer our applicants a high chance of success through our simplified process. All of our immigration cases are handled by qualified and intelligent immigration professionals so that you can rely on us. In addition, our consultants are licensed and have extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration process. So, if you're ready to take the next step, why not contact us right away for a one-on-one consultation?