September 26, 2021

How the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works for Canada Migration?

With the nation's economic workforce gradually shrinking, a depleted talent pool, and an older population, one of the most significant economic challenges Canada currently faces is a shortage of manpower. That’s why the Canadian government is open to numerous immigration programs for skilled workers. The PNP immigration program was established in 1998 to assist provinces and territories in welcoming immigrants who would also fill specific labour needs. In recent years, the PNP has become the quickest developing immigration pathway to permanent residency in Canada. The possible explanation for this is a significant rise in the federal government's annual allocation of resources to provinces. This emphasizes the significance of PNP in Canada's immigration policies. Read on to know what exactly is PNP and how it works?


What Are The Provincial Nominee Programs?

Recognizing the specific requirements of Canadian provinces and territories for workforce and recognizing a significant discrepancy in the demand and supply of skill, the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada enabled various provinces and territories to recruit participants who are willing to take part in settling in a particular province/territorium and who are skillful of promoting the economic development of that province/territorium. With the exception of Quebec, all Canadian provinces and territories are qualified to enroll in the provincial nominee programme. Quebec has its own immigration policies.


You should be aware that you can acquire an immigration visa in Canada without the need for a provincial nomination. So, why then should you be nominated for a provincial position? If you receive a provincial nomination, your proposal for a Canadian immigration visa will indeed be processed quickly, as well as your possibilities of obtaining a permanent residence visa will increase dramatically. Typically, an application underneath the provincial nominee programmes is forwarded to the provincial government's office before applying for a Canadian immigration (permanent residence) visa.


Express Entry process:

Many provinces and territories have had their Express Entry streams open since January 1, 2015. This implies they can use the Express Entry system to propose some certain pool of participants who satisfy their local provincial/territorial market demands. Candidates for immigration through the Express Entry pool who have been nominated by a province are also awarded 600 points underneath the Comprehensive Ranking System. These extra points imply that the candidates will be invited to apply for permanent residence through an Express Entry pool draw.


To enter an Express Entry pool, all applicants must still meet the required criteria with at least one of the federal economic immigration programmes, depending on the province:

  • FSW (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • FST (Federal Skilled Trades)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class).

Provinces and territories could add extra criteria because of their own immigration streams. Obviously it depends on the province, you must first apply to the Express Entry pool and then to be nominated or obtain a nomination from the province/territory before applying to the Express Entry Pool.


Am I eligible for a Provincial Nominee Program?

The Canadian federal government increases the number of requests for PNP applicants every year. These programmes are Canada's quickest developing route to industrial immigration. Because these streams are planned by provinces to assist them in meeting their specific immigration goals, the eligibility requirements and application procedures vary from each PNP.  Provinces and territories, for instance, may target the following in a programme stream: students, people in business, skilled laborers and semi-skilled employees.

As a general rule, provinces seek people who can make a significant contribution to the province's economic and social development, as well as settle & live in the province. Provinces are looking for the following characteristics in possible candidates:

  • Family members in the province
  • Capability of adapting the province
  • Education
  • Job offer
  • Knowledge of English and/or any other specified language
  • Work experience in the industries important for the province.

Applicants must demonstrate that they fulfil the set requirements in order of becoming a provincial nominee. This demonstrates that the applicant possesses the necessary skills, training, and professional experience to contribute positively to the local economic system. The province or territory will discuss the application depending on the needs of the province in question, as well as the applicant's real desire to settle there. There are numerous sub-programs and categories within each PNP, which are commonly referred to as "streams."


Base Nominations

Don't give up just yet if you aren't eligible for said Express Entry draw. Outside of the Express Entry pool, you can still apply through regular provincial nomination programmes. These regular provincial nomination programmes are also known as "based" programmes. To be conceded under base nomination, you must still satisfy the criteria of the provincial nomination programme. If you really have obtained a base nomination, it implies that your application will indeed be processed outside of the Express Entry stream. You must apply for and receive a provincial certificate as quickly as you meet the criteria for the provincial nomination stream. You can then apply for permanent residency with this certificate.


Benefits of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program

Whenever a Canadian province or territory nominates an applicant for the Provincial Nominee Program, the application process begins. Here are the benefits of PNP:

  • PNP is the simplest route to settling in your desired Canadian province.
  • PNP provides a plethora of job opportunities because nominations are only granted when there is a request or requirement for a specific profile.
  • Because of the direct nomination from either the province, the process can be completed in less than six months.
  • Some of the Express-Entry linked PNP streams do not have a mandatory employment necessity.


Would You Like to Migrate to Canada via PNP?

Migrating to Canada may appear simple, but the procedure is not as simple as it appears. It is always best to contact a Canada Immigration Consultant who can assist and guide you.

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