December 26, 2021

Canada PR Visa – Reasons for Canada PR visa rejection?

Canada is ranked among the top countries to be considered for immigration. Every year lakhs of immigrants move to Canada in search of a better life, better opportunities, and much more. But do you know the best route to migrate to Canada? It is for sure acquiring a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. Individuals with Permanent Resident status have the right to live in Canada indefinitely. In fact, after obtaining a PR Visa, you can even apply for citizenship after fulfilling the necessary conditions.

Permanent Residents of Canada have direct rights to the country's free healthcare and social services. And most importantly, you have the legal right to live and work anywhere within Canada once you become a Canadian Permanent Resident. The real list actually seems never-ending, thus it is the most secured route to migrate to Canada. You need to follow a prescribed format and procedure in order to apply for your Canadian PR Visa.

An applicant must go through an immigration program in order to obtain a Permanent Residency. Canada has a number of immigration programs that allow foreign nationals to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Once you've made the decision on the immigration program through which you'll apply for a PR visa as well as gathered all of the necessary documents, you need to complete certain steps in your application that can be ascertained here at this full-fledged guide to obtaining PR Visa: Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa


But do you know even after completing the whole process, you may have to face the risk of rejection of your Canadian PR Visa?

Yes, that’s true. And the following factors may act as a hurdle between you and your dream country’s PR Visa:

  • Misrepresentation: Misrepresentation can take many forms, including providing incorrect or misleading details. Because the directions in the form were unclear and you filled it out incorrectly, you might just have provided incomplete information. Presenting incorrect information is not a good idea. It is critical to avoid document falsification.
  • Non-eligibility: Canada has a plethora of immigration programs, each with its own set of eligibility criteria, also including age, educational credentials, work experience, skill level, and so on. Your PR application may be denied if you really do not fulfill the eligibility requirements or will not include all of the needed documentation. A safer option is to seek the help of an immigration consultant who can guide you through the application process.
  • Missing a deadline: In order to improve effectiveness, each step must be finalized within a certain amount of time. Inability to complete these steps by the deadline may result in your visa being denied. Allow enough time to gather all necessary documentation so that you really can submit your application on time in order to complete the process before the deadline.
  • Failure to include federally mandated documentation with your PR submission: Mandatory paperwork must be already included in your PR submission. If you do not abide by this requirement, your application will indeed be denied. Make a list of the documents you'll need and make absolutely sure you send those to the Canadian embassy by the deadline.
  • Inability to demonstrate sufficient funds: A Canadian PR candidate must show that he has sufficient funds. This is to demonstrate that he can support himself and his family financially. Evidence must always be provided in the form of bank statements and perhaps even bank certificates. On the grounds of the visa system for which he is applying, the candidate must provide documentary evidence of the funds. Your application will be rejected if you do not follow the rules.
  • Medical record: According to the Canadian government, any PR candidate must submit a health certificate or an acceptable medical report. This is to verify that any infection they may have when they arrive in Canada does not put pressure on the healthcare framework or pose a risk to the Canadian public. Rejection will occur if the health criterion is not specified.
  • Criminal background check: Canada PR candidates must undergo a criminal record check before their application has been approved. They must not have been convicted of any criminal offenses in their home country. This is to avert migrants from entering a country that may pose a serious threat to Canadian citizens and the government. A clean record is required for your PR application to be approved. Avoid having your PR visa rejected.

Plan and manage your application submission well in advance to reduce the chances of rejection. Keep yourself well-informed about the requirements and have them ready well ahead of time. This will ensure that your application is accepted.


Can your PR Visa be revoked even after issuance?

If you have a PR visa, you must bring your PR card or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) with you when visiting Canada. You may not even be able to board the flight, boat, train, as well as bus to the country if you do not have this. When you come back to Canada from a trip outside the country, you must focus on ensuring that the card is still valid. If your prevailing PR card has expired, you must apply for a new one. You run the risk of losing your PR visa if you:

  • Following an inquiry or PRTD appeal, an arbitration panel declares that you're not really a permanent resident.
  • You renounce your permanent resident status.
  • A removal order is issued against you.
  • You are granted Canadian citizenship.

Obtaining your PR visa for Canada can be a time-consuming and complicated process; however, the assistance of an immigration lawyer can help make the process a lot easier. Remember, if you choose to move to Canada, do not forget to contact the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for appropriate and adequate assistance because the immigration process is not that straightforward, and having a team who has the right experience and expertise will make hundreds of things easier for you!


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