April 23, 2019

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai offers Canadian migration assistance to the landscaped Alberta in the Western Canada. Live and settle permanently in Edmonton, the province’s capital, or in Calgary the largest city, or in Okotos, Red deer enjoying the scenic view of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, and other famous destinations like Banff, Drumheller, Canmore and a lot more.

The province of Alberta provides excellent health care facilities, world class amenities, a strong and free public education system, low crime rates, stable economy, warm and tolerant native community and lots of employment opportunities.

Your pathway to migrate easily to Alberta is through Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai as we provide complete assistance from the beginning till your landing in Canada.

The government of Canada has introduced the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program to aid the Canadian migration from all parts of the world. However, being an expertise in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, Pelican Migration consultants, Dubai can ease your worry on the Canadian migration from UAE or any part of the world as our consultants are ready to help you even if you are located globally.

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) is the most effective program introduced for the Canadian migration. The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) is mainly an incorporation with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canadian government of Alberta. The major focus of the program is to expedite the semi-skilled and skilled foreign workers to employ as the Albertan work force and to provide positive contribution to the economy.

The main stream of the program which attracts major work force for the Canadian Permanent Residence is the Express Entry Process. For those who are interested to apply to the Canadian province of Alberta can apply through two ways.

a.  Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) system where the interest to migrate to the Alberta can be directly sent to the Alberta immigration. Meeting the eligibility criteria for the program, the immigration Alberta will provide a nomination for the Candidate. The candidate can then create an Express Entry profile by which they can submit their provincial nominee approval details. To understand more on this process, contact Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai.

Additionally, the better chances of getting an invitation comes with one or more adaptability criteria the applicant that has with the province of Alberta. The adaptability factors include:

  • A job offer which is issued by an Albertan employer; or any continuous work experience for minimum of one year in Alberta;
  • Graduated from Alberta in a post-secondary institution;
  • Blood relatives like parents, child, siblings who are Canadian permanent resident living in Alberta.

b. Next comes the Alberta Express entry stream which relates to the federal Express entry stream of Canada. The prospective candidate must have an active profile in the federal Express Entry stream in any of the three programs namely, the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades as well as Canadian Experience Class. By assessing your preliminary eligibility for the Federal Express Entry Program Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai can streamline the program best suited for you.

The immigration Alberta contacts the candidates in the Express Entry Pool issuing notifications to them on their selection to the province. Once nominated 600 points will be additionally added to the Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) thereby increasing the overall Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence to Canada. Various factors do determine the possibility of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA), the higher scores virtually guarantee an Invitation to Apply for a permanent residence. However, the preliminary eligibility criteria for getting an invitation is mainly based on the age, education, language proficiency, adaptability as well work experience. Based on the highest points received for each of the factors a candidate will be selected for applying for the Express Entry stream and to proceed thereafter.

The applicants in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) may receive a nomination provided they have:

  • A positive and active EOI profile in the federal Express Entry System;
  • Have notified about the interest in immigrating permanently to the province of Alberta;
  • Is employed in any of the occupation that brings significant benefits to the Albertan economy; and
  • A minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score of 300.

c. The Alberta Opportunity Stream is the category which requires to establish strong ties to Alberta targeting mainly those with Albertan experience or education. Targeting January 1, 2020, the language requirements for this stream is expected to bring some changes. Currently, all applicants should demonstrate in English or French a Canadian Benchmark level of 4 or above in order to qualify for this stream.

On nomination by the Alberta immigration the applicant will have around 6 months’ time to finalize the Permanent Residency application. The central intake office will verify and assess if all the given information is correct. This includes the major part of the processing time of your application.

Being the best year for applying for the program Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai extends their consultation services and provides free assessment of your eligibility for the program no matter where you reside in, whether it be UAE or in any other part of the world.

Every year Alberta has been authorized to issue around 6500 applications. Till now around 850 applications have been issued under the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program a major part from being the middle-east.

The immigration Alberta has also issued an occupation in demand list for the 2019 immigrant nominee program which includes the detailed list below, most of the occupation relates mainly to the gulf sector.

  • Retail managers, salespersons, sales clerks and cashiers
  • Automotive service technicians
  • Sales and Service
  • Unique to the Primary Industry (Oil and Gas)
  • Business, Finance and Administrative
  • Management
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Cooks, Attendants, and Kitchen Helpers
  • Underground miners, oil and gas drillers and related workers
  • Contractors and supervisors, trades and related workers
  • Machinery and transportation equipment mechanics
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Metal forming, shaping and erecting trades
  • Finance and insurance clerks
  • Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators, and Related

Adhering to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s everchanging rules and regulations, it is very important that you choose the right immigration consultant for your permanent residency application. With proven track record and client testimonial Pelican Migration Consultant, Dubai assures hassle free Canadian permanent residency services from Dubai.

Like the criteria listed above for increasing the chances of getting an invitation, likewise there are factors that may decrease the chances of receiving a Notification of interest include:

  • An active Express Entry profile that may expire in the next three (3) months or lesser than that;
  • If the applicant works in the a).High -Low wage occupation list of the province and without a proper Labour Market Impact assessment;
    b). Ineligible list of the Alberta Opportunity Stream;
    c). Or when there is a high volume of application submission flooding the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program stream.

Ensuing you fall under the correct Alberta Occupation list in its skilled, semi-skilled worker programs to lessen the chances of rejections can be met by achieving the required educational qualification and minimum work experience in your area of work. In order to avoid chaos and confusion in choosing the right program, consult Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai. We are a CICC registered consultant aiding the completion and accuracy of your Canadian Residency assessments, Applications as well as visa rights.


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