September 28, 2022

Tips to Increase Express Entry Points

Are you prepared to apply for immigration to Canada using the Express Entry process? That was a fantastic choice! The importance of your CRS score will be obvious to you if you are familiar with the Express Entry procedure. Do you want a review? Okay, let's get started!

The majority of applicants for permanent residence who want their applications accepted quickly choose Express Entry Canada. This system's biggest drawback is that applicants must compete with one another in order to be invited to apply. ITAs are only offered to the top applicants who receive a high score.


What is CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)?

Your profile will undoubtedly be graded if you constructed it on the Express Entry system with the intention of portraying yourself as a qualified applicant for immigration to Canada. Age, education, work experience, and English and French language skills will all be taken into account while determining this rank.

The CRS is used to allocate points and determine a candidate's ranking for immigration to Canada. Under the CRS, 1,200 points can be awarded in total. This is broken down into a 600-point core set and an additional 600-point set. Your final score is the sum of these two types of points.


Core factors determining Express Entry CRS score;

  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Language Ability
  • Education

Additional factors;

  • A job opening
  • Canadian certifications, degrees, and credentials
  • A family member who holds Canadian citizenship or resides there permanently
  • A declaration made by a territory or province
  • High level of proficiency in French

It is a proven fact that your chances of receiving a Canada PR visa increase with your CRS score. When selecting immigration candidates, higher CRS scores are always given preference. It makes sense that any advice you receive on how to raise your CRS score would benefit you greatly.


Tips to increase your CRS score!

It would be advisable for you to work on improving your CRS score rather than waiting for the points to start to decline if you have had your Express Entry profile open for some time but are still awaiting an invitation to each draw. Let's now examine some of the most effective ways Express Entry candidates can improve their CRS score for Canadian Immigration (Canada PR Visa) by implementing one of the following methods, either with or without IELTS.


Submit your application earlier

Your chances of earning more CRS points increase the earlier you apply for a Canada PR visa through Express Entry. The ideal age range for Canadian permanent residence applications is 20–29. 110 CRS points are awarded at this age. As people age, their CRS points drop. You receive no points after the age of 45.


Make the required efforts to improve your language skills

Speaking, writing, and listening are the three core language abilities that are tested. The lowest required CLB level is 4, which is. Gaining more points on your IELTS, CELPIP, and PTE tests allows you to move up the CLB levels. Achieving levels 7 to 9 would be great because the maximum CLB level is level 10, which has 31 points (31 points).


Add more professional experience

You can increase your CRS points by bringing more specialized work expertise. If the CLB score is greater, this could be even better. Candidates for the FSWP program will have a minimum of one year of work experience and a CLB score of 7. You can earn 13 CRS points by doing this. You can gain an additional 25 to 50 CRS points by having more years.


Benefit from spousal points

Consult an Express Entry consultant in Canada to determine if you should list your spouse as an accompanying or non-accompanying applicant. Keep in mind that your profile will be assessed differently depending on whether you are traveling with your spouse or partner or not. If you list your spouse as non-accompanying and then later sponsor them to immigrate to Canada, you may receive a higher score. You might wish to make your spouse the primary applicant if they are a stronger candidate. Depending on your particular case, an immigration consultant will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


An employment offer from a Canadian company

You can gain an extra 200 points if a Canadian firm extends you a job offer. Finding Canadian employers is quite difficult no matter where you are. Ask a specialist for advice on where to look and how to apply for jobs in your field being offered by Canadian firms.


A provincial nomination

If you want to raise your CRS score by 600 points and ensure that the province where you want to move will accept you with open arms, it's time to learn about the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). The IRCC's PNP payments to the provinces are increasing over time. The provinces anticipate getting help from the Express Entry pool for some of the people who will be admitted under these schemes.

Provinces have been utilizing their Express Entry-aligned ('improved') PNP streams in creative, dynamic ways over the past few months and years. Ontario has targeted specific occupational groups, particularly in the Information Technology (IT) industry; Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have both reopened PNP streams for applicants across a variety of occupations (no job offer required); British Columbia continues to invite applicants under its unique system; Alberta and Manitoba have completely new Express Entry-aligned streams; and other provinces have also gotten on board, issuing nomination certificates to applicants.


This is unquestionably a long-term plan to raise your CRS score. In any case, increasing your education can boost your CRS score significantly. Your degree of schooling not only affects the CRS points you obtain but also plays a significant role in the CRS's section on skill transferability variables. The section on skill transferability considerations offers a maximum of 100 points. You must attain the next level of education to optimize your skill transferability points in terms of education.

You can do a second, one-year program to receive more credit for the skill transferability components if you already have a bachelor's degree. Even though moving to Canada requires a degree, if you're set on doing so, it can be a wise investment.

Can my partner or spouse raise my CRS score?

If you intend to immigrate to Canada along with your spouse or common-law partner, you should be aware that their language proficiency can be worth up to 20 points, while their educational background and Canadian work experience can each be worth up to 10 points. Based on the circumstances affecting your spouse or partner, a total of 40 points are available.

In particular, if you apply as a single candidate, these 40 points are divided across the elements of your profile. You just need to do your best efforts to claim these 40 points, which are also available to single candidates.

Each couple is limited to one final application for permanent residency. If a couple receives ITAs simultaneously for both partners, only one application for permanent residence may be made.


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