May 11, 2024

Key Tools for ITA Job Search: A Must-Have Trio

Recipients of an ITA for Canadian permanent residence have numerous avenues to explore when seeking employment opportunities in Canada. Here are three essential tools to utilize after obtaining an ITA from IRCC. Many foreign nationals opt to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system operated by IRCC.

Note: Express Entry is the application management system facilitating entry into three of Canada’s premier economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

In summary, successful Express Entry candidates receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) after which they can submit their application for permanent residence (eAPR) following an Express Entry draw.

Applicants have a 60-day window to submit their eAPRs to IRCC. Following submission, IRCC aims to process 80% of eAPRs within a service standard of six months.

During this six-month waiting period, candidates who have submitted their eAPR and are confident in the approval of their application can start their job search in Canada using the three strategies.

Online Networking

Building a network is essential because a strong network is vital for effective job performance and accessing unadvertised employment opportunities.

Networking involves sharing information and ideas with individuals who have a common profession or special interest in a relaxed social environment.

This approach can assist prospective immigrants to Canada in expanding their connections within the country even prior to their arrival. Networking opportunities are abundant through various online platforms, such as social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Networking serves as a means to uncover potential job opportunities within your desired industry upon your arrival in Canada, while also serving as a valuable tool for staying informed about industry news and trends, both specific and general.

While building a network may appear daunting, especially for new immigrants to Canada, online resources can be invaluable in grasping the importance of networking, learning how to cultivate and sustain professional relationships, and accessing resources for effective networking.

Government Of Canada Job Bank

The Government of Canada Job Bank is another essential tool among the three for seeking jobs after receiving an ITA from IRCC.

The Government of Canada Job Bank serves as a nationwide employment service, available both as a website and mobile application, operated by ESDC. Facilitated in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments on behalf of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission, this Job Bank aids Canadians in securing employment and planning their careers, while simplifying the recruitment and hiring process for employers nationwide.

Offering access to more than 150,000 job postings, the Job Bank allows users to filter listings by position, location, job type, and more. Prospective immigrants can utilize these job search and career planning resources even before their arrival in Canada.

The Job Bank is not intended for temporary foreign workers. Instead, ESDC and the Government of Canada have developed a separate tool specifically designed to assist temporary workers in Canada in finding employment.

Additionally, the Job Bank enables users to filter and sort available postings by "best match" and "date posted," making it ideal for immigrants in search of recently available positions.


LinkedIn, a leading employment-oriented social media platform in Canada, offers various avenues for ITA recipients to explore employment opportunities in the country.

According to a 2023 study conducted by Toronto Metropolitan University, LinkedIn ranked as the second most popular tool among newcomers seeking information about work prospects before immigrating to Canada.

With its job search tools, including a platform that allows users to browse thousands of job postings using similar filters as the Canada Job Bank, and its effective networking capabilities, LinkedIn proves to be a valuable resource for ITA recipients conducting job searches before their arrival in Canada.

The TMU study revealed that during the information search stage of the pre-arrival process, LinkedIn emerged as the primary source for job interview advice, job search guidance, and salary information. Additionally, it ranked among the top three sources for newcomers seeking information about further education or skill training.

Evidence of social media's effectiveness as a job search tool, including LinkedIn, is underscored by the favorable post-arrival labor outcomes emphasized in the TMU study. Specifically, the study revealed that:

In contrast, the study revealed that over 75% of immigrants or newcomers who ended up in precarious, low-paying jobs had not utilized social media before their arrival in Canada.

Empowering Your Immigration Journey with Pelican Migration Consultants

Pelican Migration Consultants can be instrumental in helping aspiring immigrants secure an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to Canada, paving the way for a Permanent Residency Visa. Here are five ways we can assist you on this journey:

  1. Comprehensive Eligibility Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your qualifications and background to determine your eligibility for various immigration programs, including Express Entry.
  2. Express Entry Profile Creation: We guide you through the process of creating a well-crafted Express Entry profile, ensuring that it accurately reflects your skills, education, and work experience to maximize your chances of receiving an ITA.
  3. Documentation Assistance: We provide expert assistance in gathering and organizing the necessary documents required for your Express Entry profile and subsequent permanent residency application, ensuring that everything is in order and submitted correctly.
  4. Strategy Development: Our consultants work closely with you to develop a personalized immigration strategy tailored to your goals and circumstances, helping you navigate the complexities of the Canadian immigration system with confidence.
  5. Ongoing Support: From the initial consultation to post-ITA follow-ups, our team offers continuous support and guidance at every stage of the immigration process, ensuring that you are well-informed and prepared for success in your journey to Canada.