November 27, 2021

Should I enter Canada’s Express Entry pool now?

Should I enter Canada’s Express Entry pool now? - You are not alone if you have been thinking over this. Due to COVID Situation, this is one of the most trending questions among Canadian prospective immigrants these days. But stop worrying! We have good news! To aid its post-COVID economic expansion, Canada aims to welcome the greatest rates of immigration in its total history.

Canada's Immigration Levels Plan, which runs from 2021 to 2023, aims to accept over 400,000 new immigrants every year. Nearly 60% of these newcomers will be skilled employees when they arrive in Canada. Canada's primary method of processing skilled worker applications is only through Express Entry System. Thus, you need to stop worrying, and let’s read on why it is beneficial for you to enter Canada’s Express Entry pool now.


How have Express Entry candidates shifted from FSW to CEC and PNP?

Prior to the coronavirus epidemic, FSWP candidates accounted for approximately half of all Express Entry immigrants each year. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as well as Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) accounted for the other halves of Express Entry entrants.

However, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has only given Express Entry invitations to CEC and PNP candidates in the year 2021. Its reasoning is that because the majority of these candidates are already in Canada, they are less likely to face pandemic-related obstacles (such as travel delays) that would prevent them from completing the permanent residency process.


Benefits for Express Entry Candidates outweigh risks?

Future candidates for the FSWP may believe it is best to wait for these invitations to continue before reaching the pool, but this is a blunder. A careful cost-benefit analysis reveals the benefits of entering the pool now rather than later. The only real threat of jumping into the pool now is that the official language test might expire if you do not acquire an ITA within two years of passing it. That is, if luck doesn't favor you during the next two years, you may have to spend much more money and time retaking the language test. In contrast to the more substantial benefit of getting permanent residence in Canada, this cost is insignificant.

Following benefits can be considered before deciding to NOT TO APPLY for express entry now:

  • To begin with, no one knows when IRCC will commence issuing ITAs to FSWP applicants. Express Entry is inherently unpredictable because it is intended to be dynamic, giving preference to the highest-scoring individuals while also being adaptable to the concerns of Canadian provinces and employers. Due to the unexpected nature of the epidemic, it has gotten even more unpredictable over the last year. The Express Entry draw of February 13, 2021, is a good example of this. IRCC held a draw on even a Saturday without warning and gave 27,332 ITAs to CEC Candidates. Whereas, draws are usually conducted only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 5,000 ITAs had been the previous high. The CRS cut-off for just that draw was only 75, which was the lowest ever. You don't want to be taken off guard when the IRCC starts inviting candidates for the FSWP again. Being from the pool increases your chances of receiving an invitation and possibly being the lucky recipient of an unusual draw like the one we witnessed on February 13.
  • Second, being from the pool increases your chances of getting invited to a provincial nomination PROGRAM. Acknowledging a provincial invitation earns you 600 CRS points, effectively ensuring that you will acquire an Express Entry ITA. The provinces of Canada welcome Express Entry candidates to apply to their PNP on a regular basis. They do so in order to find talented employees who can fill the gaps in their province's labor market. If you receive an invitation, you should file for a provincial nomination certificate right away. You then inform IRCC that you have obtained the certificate, which earns you 600 CRS points and increases your chances of earning an ITA in the next Express Entry draw open to PNP candidates.
  • Third, being a member of the pool allows you to open a "Plus Account" with the Canadian government's Job Bank. Possessing this access can assist you in matching with appropriate career prospects, thereby increasing your chances of receiving a job offer. You can earn an extra 50 or 200 CRS points if you accept an eligible job offer. These points will not ensure that you earn an ITA, but they will certainly improve your chances. If you are granted an ITA, you will be in an excellent position to immediately integrate further into the Canadian labor market thanks to your pre-arranged job.


Submit an Express Entry profile: What to do while you wait in the pool

Prepare to accept an invitation to apply while waiting in the pool. If you are invited to apply, you will have 60 days to process your application. And meanwhile, you should arrange the following:

    • Prepare the documents: It will be easier to manage within the 60-day window if you have your documentation ready.
    • Language tests: Verify that the results of your language test are acceptable and valid. They're valid for two years from the date of the exam. They should also be valid on the date of your permanent residence application. They will reject your application if you apply for permanent residency with outdated language test results.
  • Certificates from the police: You as well as any family members who already are 18 years old or older will need to acquire police certifications. Police certificates might take a long time to obtain in some nations. Request them now, while you're still in the pool, so you have time to submit those before your 60-day period expires.
  • Job Match can help you find a job: Create a Job Match account using Job Bank to begin your job hunt. Job Bank is a platform that can help you connect with firms that are looking for people with your qualifications. You'll need to have the Job Seeker validation code you got when you uploaded your profile to do all this. You can continue to use the Job Bank to look for work once you arrive in Canada.
  • Make sure your profile is up to date: You must always make sure that the information on your profile is correct and up to date. If your circumstances change, such as if you start a new job, take a new language test, get married or divorced, you should update your profile. If any fraudulent information or missing key details are discovered, IRCC has the authority to decline your application, find it inadmissible, or perhaps even bar you from reapplying to come to Canada for five years for any reason.


Make an effort to raise your score

You can enhance your score as well as boost your likelihood of being invited to apply when you're in the pool by completing the following:

  • Using Job Bank to obtain a valid job offer OR exposing oneself to companies in Canada via private-sector job boards
  • Getting in touch with provinces and territories to see if you qualify for the Provincial Nominee Program
  • Increasing your language score
  • Increasing your education
  • Increasing the amount of relevant work experience

Put simply, something is better than nothing. When you're not in the Express Entry pool, your prospects of acquiring an ITA for permanent residence are nil. In contrast, simply entering the pool increases your chances of earning an ITA. Keep in mind that Canada recognizes your abilities and qualities and wishes to welcome you to the country. IRCC will expand its doors to FSWP candidates in the future, and starting the Express Entry process now could put you one step closer to realizing your dream of moving to Canada.


Would You Like to Migrate to Canada via Express Entry Pool?

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