October 26, 2019

Saskatchewan conducts another major draw for Express Entry applicants and In-Demand Occupation Applicants

The recent draw became one of the largest in the Provincial Nomination draws conducted by the province for Express Entry applicants and In-Demand Occupation Candidates. Around 922 invitation has been sent to immigration applicants to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency visa through Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan has sent invitations to applicants who fall under two immigration categories – Applicants who have an active Express Entry profile and applicants who fall under the In-Demand Occupation list categorized by the province. Unlike other provinces candidates doesn’t require a job offer from an employer based in Saskatchewan or Canadian work experience is not a mandatory factor to be eligible.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program manages three major Skilled Federal Immigration categories – Federal Skilled Trades Class, People with Canadian work experience and Federal Skilled Worker Class.

The applicants who fall under the Occupation in-demand job stream doesn’t require to have an active express entry profile. Their occupation should fall under the Saskatchewan occupation list which contributes to the social and economic development of the province.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program authorities have conducted around 9 draws since around 200 occupations has been added to the express entry and in-demand occupation immigration streams. The total applicants who got an invitation is around 3.846 in which there were five rounds of invitation for express entry applicants and four rounds of invitations for In- demand occupation candidates.

Eligibility requirements for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

In order to apply for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program applicants must submit an Expression of Interest in the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program website and points are based on factors like age, education, total number of work experience in the last 10 years, English Language proficient exam results, adaptability factors like having a relative  in Saskatchewan or a work experience in the same province.

The minimum points required to get an invitation during the October 24 draw is around 69 and applicants who meet the required points will be invited to submit an expression of interest in the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program website along with the supporting documents. Eligible candidates will be receiving 600 CRS score and will get an invitation in the next subsequent draw conducted by the federal government.

The year 2019 is becoming a year of Provincial Nominee Programs and if this trend goes, Canadian immigration ministry will reach its PNP invitation goal of 61,000 in a whisker.

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