June 14, 2024

Quebec Premier and Prime Minister to Discuss Strengthening Canadian Immigration

Quebec Premier François Legault is set to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next week in Quebec City to discuss the pressing issue of immigration, focusing particularly on the influx of asylum seekers into Quebec.

Background Discussion:

This upcoming meeting represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing dialogue between provincial and federal governments regarding immigration. It follows a prior discussion on March 15, during which Trudeau rejected Legault’s proposal for Quebec to take on full immigration authority.

Embracing Diversity and Offering Support

Legault has reiterated Quebec and Canada's welcoming stance towards immigrants, emphasizing their commitment to providing refuge and opportunities. He highlighted the urgency of the situation, emphasizing Quebec's ongoing tradition of embracing diversity and prioritizing the well-being of all residents.

Leveraging Immigration for Economic Growth

Acknowledging immigrants' significant contributions to the Canadian economy and society, both leaders are committed to exploring ways to harness immigration as a driver of economic growth and cultural enrichment. They aim to balance humanitarian concerns with economic imperatives, ensuring Canada remains an appealing destination for skilled professionals and individuals pursuing better opportunities.

Addressing Resource Strain and Financial Burden

While Quebec continues to affirm its commitment to welcoming immigrants, Legault has emphasized the strain caused by the rising number of asylum seekers on Quebec's resources. In a letter to Trudeau, he underscored the need for a fair distribution of asylum seekers across Canada to alleviate Quebec's burden and ensure an equitable and compassionate response to those seeking refuge.

Advancing Visa Policies and Promoting Equity

Legault has advocated for robust visa policies to effectively manage immigration flows, emphasizing the importance of fairness, transparency, and alignment with Canada’s national interests. By enforcing stricter regulations, Canada seeks to preserve the integrity of its immigration system while honoring its humanitarian commitments.


As Canada continues to navigate immigration complexities, the partnership between Quebec and the federal government remains pivotal in charting a path that upholds Canadian values of diversity, inclusivity, and compassion. Through ongoing dialogue, cooperation, and concerted efforts, Canada will strengthen its position as a global leader in immigration and diversity management, fostering resilience and unity across the nation.

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