July 3, 2024

Quebec Imposes New Limits on Family Sponsorships in Canada

In a move that has sparked significant discussion, Quebec’s Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) has announced new limits on family sponsorship applications. Effective from June 26, 2024, to June 25, 2026, this policy change imposes strict caps on the number of family sponsorships in Canada, significantly impacting the landscape of family reunification in the province.

Breakdown of the Cap

The new cap restricts the total number of family sponsorship applications to 13,000 over the two-year period. This limit is divided as follows:

  • 10,400 applications for spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children aged 18 and up.
  • 2,600 applications for parents, grandparents, and other eligible relatives.

Once this cap is reached, MIFI will halt the acceptance of additional applications for the duration of the cap period.

Exemptions to the Cap

Certain categories are exempt from the cap, ensuring that specific vulnerable groups are not adversely affected:

  • Dependent minor children of the sponsor.
  • Minor children the sponsor wishes to adopt.
  • Orphaned minor children of the sponsor’s siblings or grandchildren.
  • Adult children dependent on a parent due to a disability.

To qualify for these exemptions, the sponsored individual must not be married or in a common-law relationship. Additionally, the cap does not affect applications to add a dependent to a sponsored person’s existing application or to a person awaiting admission as a permanent resident after an approved application.

Reasons Behind the Cap

Quebec Premier François Legault has attributed the province’s housing crisis to the influx of temporary residents. By imposing this cap, the government aims to manage the province’s population growth and housing demands more effectively. The intention is to balance the need for family reunification with the available resources, particularly housing.

However, this decision has sparked debate about its potential impact on families hoping to reunite in Canada. Critics argue that the cap could disrupt the lives of many individuals and families, making it harder for them to live together in Quebec.

How the Cap Affects Family Sponsorships in Canada

The imposition of this cap means that many families may face delays or be unable to submit their sponsorship applications within the capped period. Those affected must act quickly to submit their applications before the cap is reached. MIFI will announce when the cap is met, and any non-exempt applications received afterward will be returned without processing or charging a fee.

What Applicants Need to Know

  1. Act Quickly: If you plan to sponsor a family member, submit your application as soon as possible to avoid missing the cap.
  2. Check Exemptions: Verify if your sponsorship category is exempt from the cap to understand if you are affected by these new limits.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on MIFI announcements regarding the cap status to ensure you are aware of any changes or updates.

The introduction of this cap represents a significant shift in the family sponsorship landscape in Quebec. While aimed at addressing housing concerns, it presents new challenges for those seeking to reunite with their loved ones in Canada. Understanding the details of the cap, knowing the exemptions, and acting promptly can help navigate this new policy effectively.

How Pelican Migration Consultants Can Assist

Pelican Migration Consultants can provide invaluable assistance to those affected by these new restrictions. Our experienced team offers personalized guidance on the best immigration pathways, whether you are looking to sponsor family members or explore other routes to permanent residency. We can help you understand your eligibility, prepare and submit your application promptly, and navigate the complexities of Quebec’s immigration policies. By working with Pelican Migration Consultants, you can maximize your chances of a successful outcome and ensure that your loved ones can join you in Canada.


As the situation evolves, staying informed and prepared is crucial for anyone affected by these changes. The landscape of family sponsorships in Canada is shifting, and being proactive is key to ensuring successful applications. With the help of immigration consultants and staying up-to-date with official announcements, applicants can better navigate these new limitations and continue their efforts to reunite with family members in Quebec.