October 20, 2021

Is it worth migrating to Canada from Dubai?

Numerous factors distinguish the two countries. And there is not a single straight answer to the question - Is it worth migrating to Canada from Dubai? Canada remains at the top of the priority list of people. Given Canada's long tradition of welcoming immigrants and assisting them in assimilating into Canadian society, the country will preserve its prestige as a migrant-friendly one. Tighter immigration laws imposed by other countries in recent years have welcomed many to choose Canada, where immigration controls are less stringent.

Without a doubt, Dubai is a buzzing city, a popular tourist destination, with many people working there on work visas. Life's social aspect is fantastic and diverse. There is no income tax! A tax-free country! Taxis, cars, and gasoline are cheaper, and the administration is investing heavily in the welfare of the country.

On the other hand, this North American country is among the best in the world for all those looking for immigration and for those trying to settle down in this country. In terms of quality education, employment prospects, Canadian citizenship, and permanent residency, this country ranks among the best countries in the world. Canada offers numerous opportunities to live and work. Migrating to Canada provides people with better opportunities because the country has a thriving economy, world-class professional training, and high living standards. Moving to and Living in Canada can become a life-changing journey. Canada's strong economy implies that it is able to accept more immigrants from all over the world.


Above all, Is it worth migrating to Canada from Dubai?

It is entirely dependent on what you desire in life and how you see your future prospects! There are several other compelling reasons why it is still worth migrating to Canada in 2021 and beyond. Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • World-class education system

Canada has long been known for its outstanding universities and colleges, which provide world-class educational opportunities and have drawn many students. The favorite aspect is that after completing their education, Canadian Immigration offers Canadian PR, allowing international students to work and settle in the country.

  • Plenty of job opportunities

Most sectors of the economy in Canada are experiencing skilled labor shortfalls, with companies having a hard time finding qualified workers. To address the shortage, the government has been encouraging more migrants to come into this country and settle. Manufacturing, food, retail, construction, education, warehousing, and transportation all have job openings. There are numerous job opportunities in STEM-related fields and also in the healthcare sector. As a result, immigrants have numerous opportunities to find work.

  • Fast-growing tech sector

Engineering, medical, and construction jobs, among others, are in high demand in Canada. It is an excellent location for skilled workers to apply under the Federal Skilled Workers program.

  • Access to universal healthcare

The Canadian government provides free primary medical care to all other citizens. The government covers medicines, dental care, optometry, and other services. Canadians have access to universal healthcare. The health service is supported by the government. To be eligible, Canadian citizens and permanent residents must apply for a health insurance card that allows them to use public healthcare services.

  • Vast number of effective immigration plans

In comparison to Dubai, Canada has a plethora of visas to offer its immigrants. Aside from the Canada work visa and the Canada student visa. The Canadian government must also provide several business-related immigration programs. Canada has many immigration programs, such as the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), the Express Entry Program, Quebec Immigration, the Skilled Workers Program, and others, through which you can migrate to Canada from Dubai and settle in the country.

  • High Living Standards

Canada has a good standard of living, with many public holidays, flexible work hours, as well as an outstanding work-life balance. According to Forbes, Canada is ranked fifth in the world in terms of high living standards and job opportunities. Despite having a large number of environmental assets, the country's economy seems to be more service-oriented. According to Statistics Canada, the service sector employs more than 75% of Canadians.

  • Investing in Canadian assets

You can legally buy a franchise or start an afresh business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation even without being a Canadian citizen.

As simple as that!

I could go on and on, but it all depends on your preferences, as I previously stated. Some immigrate to Canada from Dubai in order to provide for their children's future. Many people relocate there in search of greener pastures. So, all you have to do is first sort out your preferences! But remember, if you choose to move to Canada, do not forget to contact the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for appropriate and adequate assistance because the immigration process may get tricky and time-consuming but having a team who has the right experience and expertise will make hundreds of things easier for you!


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