March 13, 2024

Investment of $3 Million in Nova Scotia: Enhancing Settlement Support for Immigrants

Nova Scotia is allocating a substantial $3 million investment in settlement funds to elevate immigrant support services. This endeavor targets the enhancement of English language training, aid for healthcare professionals and the francophone community, and the implementation of tailored community initiatives to foster newcomer retention across various regions.

Improving Opportunities and Retention Tactics

Expressing contentment with the arrival of skilled professionals to Nova Scotia, Provincial Immigration Minister Jill Balser remarked, “We’re delighted to have welcomed numerous skilled professionals to Nova Scotia last year, especially in fields where their expertise is most needed. I'm grateful they chose Nova Scotia as their new home, and I appreciate the warm reception and assistance extended by Nova Scotians across the province as they settle into their new lives and communities.”

Addressing the rising demand for healthcare professionals, Vanessa White, Vice President at Shannex International, underscored the importance of international recruitment and immigration. She emphasized, “The demand for skilled healthcare providers, nurses, continuing care assistants, and other roles has reached unprecedented levels. International recruitment and immigration serve as vital strategies to fulfill our community’s requirements for quality care and services, fostering diverse and compassionate teams that contribute to more inclusive workplaces.”

The Healthcare and Construction Sectors' Influence

In the previous year, Nova Scotia experienced a significant rise of 88.9% in approved healthcare workers and 85.8% in construction professionals through immigration programs. Notably, Nova Scotia welcomed 763 healthcare workers and 244 construction workers in the year 2023.

In a bid to bolster the construction sector, Nova Scotia launched the Critical Construction Worker Pilot last year, focusing on 21 occupations within the industry. These roles encompass construction managers, electricians, carpenters, crane operators, and others. This fresh route to permanent residency in Nova Scotia is open to individuals who satisfy certain conditions, such as securing a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in one of the eligible occupations, having pertinent work experience, possessing a high school diploma or industry-specific training, meeting language proficiency standards, and exhibiting adequate financial resources for settlement.

Nova Scotia's dedication to embracing newcomers is clear, having welcomed 11,800 new residents last year alone. This figure includes immigrants arriving through diverse immigration programs as well as net migration from other regions within Canada. With a population now exceeding 1 million, Nova Scotia continues to be an appealing choice for those in search of opportunities and a dynamic community to call home.

Nova Scotia's Commitment to Immigrant Integration

Nova Scotia's proactive approach to immigrant integration through the allocation of $3 million in settlement funds underscores its commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for newcomers. By prioritizing initiatives such as English language training, support for healthcare professionals and the francophone community, and tailored community programs, the province demonstrates its dedication to ensuring the successful settlement and retention of immigrants across diverse regions. The positive reception and assistance extended by Nova Scotians, coupled with the province's strategic focus on addressing key sectors such as healthcare and construction, further solidify its reputation as an attractive destination for skilled professionals seeking opportunities and a vibrant community. With a growing population and continued efforts to enhance immigrant support services, Nova Scotia remains poised to thrive as a diverse and inclusive province that values the contributions of newcomers to its social and economic fabric.

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