February 9, 2024

Immigration to Poland from the UAE

Known officially as the Republic of Poland, it is situated in the middle of Europe. Thanks to its thriving cities, beautiful scenery, and expanding economy, it is now home to many foreigners seeking better opportunities. The nation is home to generous people, a rich cultural heritage, and vast plains with towering mountains and a temperate climate. While English, French, and Dutch are among the languages spoken by the locals, Polish is the official language of the region. The nation is home to roughly 38 million people.  Despite its past of dominance, the republic overcome adversity to become an acknowledged member of the European Union. It is quite tempting to visit the country because of its peaceful countryside and vibrant urban centers. Moving there is attractive to foreigners because of the nation's many sectors, expanding economy, and reasonably priced standard of living. The department of migration policy mandates that a person must have a valid visa or permit in order to enter the territory and live there as a legal resident.

Are you considering moving to this stunning nation in Europe? Here is a link to an article that explains how to move from the UAE to Poland.

Immigrating to Poland

Planning and preparation are key while moving from the UAE to this country. Get in touch with Pelican Migration Consultants for expert guidance and support throughout your immigration journey.

Visa Application

They need to be granted a Polish visa in order to enter the nation. Depending on the reason for travel and the intended duration of stay, multiple visa categories exist. Long-term visits, including those for employment or research, call for a visa that permits prolonged stays. Foreign nationals can apply for a visa at a visa application center or on the Immigration website.

Language Ability

It is crucial for foreigners to be fluent in Polish before moving there because it is the official language of the nation. Polish language instruction is available online and in other parts of the nation for anyone who need to get better at the language.


Before entering the nation, foreigners must make housing arrangements. They can rent an apartment or house, stay in a hostel or motel, or hunt for long-term accommodation. You can find listings for rental properties on websites like Realestate.co.nz and TradeMe.

Employment Opportunities

We offer work permits for Poland and help individuals secure the best employment opportunities for blue-collar or unskilled jobs. We also provide comprehensive support throughout the employment process, including resume preparation and interview coaching. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce in Poland for all our clients.

Medical Care

An expat must obtain health insurance prior to relocating to the area. Even though citizens of the republic have access to a free or inexpensive public healthcare system, non-urgent procedures frequently have lengthy wait times.

The Living Expense

Particularly in the larger cities, living expenses in the region might sometimes be greater than in Lebanon. That's why planning ahead of time and creating a budget are essential. Furthermore, it is advised that foreigners save and spend money in accordance with their income.

Cultural Diversities

To guarantee an easier transition and prevent disputes with the locals, foreigners must become familiar with the territory's unique culture and laws, which differ from those of the UAE, before relocating.

In general, moving to the republic from the UAE could be challenging but fruitful. Carefully planning and preparing can let you enjoy all that the republic has to offer and ease the transition.


The Republic of Poland, boasts thriving cities, picturesque landscapes, and a growing economy, making it an attractive destination for foreigners seeking better opportunities. With a population of approximately 38 million, Poland offers a rich cultural heritage, diverse language landscape, and temperate climate. Despite historical challenges, Poland has emerged as a member of the European Union, enticing visitors with its peaceful countryside and vibrant urban centers.

How Pelican Migration can help:

Pelican Migration Consultants offer expert guidance and support for those considering a move from the UAE to Poland. From visa application assistance to securing employment opportunities, Pelican ensures a smooth immigration journey. With specialized services such as resume preparation and interview coaching, Pelican helps client’s transition seamlessly into the Polish workforce. Additionally, Pelican provides resources for language learning, and navigating cultural differences, ensuring a successful relocation experience. Whether seeking employment or planning for long-term residency, Pelican Migration Consultants facilitate a fruitful transition to life in Poland.