April 25, 2019

Immigrate to Canada from Qatar

For anyone seeking migration from Qatar may seem a colossal task especially if there is not enough information on the whole process.

Even though it looks simple as fact of crossing boundaries of the related countries, complying with the conditions prevailing for that journey isn’t simple enough. The first thing that is very imperative is to conduct a research on the possible options available before beginning the process.

However, the whole herculean process can be really made simple by choosing the right professionals, who does their job the right way!!! Pelican migration consultants in Dubai can walk you through the entire process easing your pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence.

Migration from Qatar-Know about the right Immigration Program

Most of the available options of Canadian immigration have similar selection criteria as well as similar processes. To narrow down to one out of the 60 immigration options available can be a bit tough. Nevertheless, for an aspiring Qatari immigrant, the easiest and well sought options are detailed below.

The simplest program is the Express entry program. The express entry program is launched by the federal government of Canada on January 25, 2015 to full-fill the labour shortage of skilled workers that occurred in the federal labour market. The Express Entry Program is the most easiest as it fast tracks the immigration application for Permanent Residence.

Next comes the Provincial Nominee Program which is the program designed by each of the separate provinces in order to hire skilled workers for according to their local labor market requirements. The Provincial Nominee Program gives the successful Qatari immigrant, their right to choose the province of their interest to live and settle in. However, the applicant will be mandatory obliged to live in the chosen province for a minimum duration of one year.

The main process involved in the two programs is that,

  1. The applicants of Express Entry get absorbed directly to get settled anywhere in the Country if the minimum eligibility conditions are met
  2. For the Express Entry the applicant shall get 67 out of 100 and the second round of scoring is based on 1200 point.
  3. The provincial nominee applicants need to be invited directly by the respective provincial government of the province they chose to settle provided they have received a job offer from one of the employers in the province;
  4. On not meeting the minimum points for permanent residency through an Express Entry system, the applicant can apply for Provincial Nominee without a job offer and prove that they have the right settlement funds to live in Canada;
  5. Once a province nominates an applicant the person will be automatically eligible to apply through the fast track path of Express entry by getting an additional point worth 600 out of the 1200 points in the second round of assessment;
  6. On satisfying the scores the programs issue the applicant with a notification on further steps to process the permanent residence;
  7. After a thorough check on the applicant’s background, police clearance from home country and country of residence and medicals the visa will be issued for Canadian permanent residence;
  8. Both the process is available to apply if the applicant is a Qatari/Non-Qatari national either working temporarily in Canada or outside Canada.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements to migrate from Qatar

  1. Education Credential Evaluation of your highest level of education from an authorized Canadian evaluation body located in Canada;
  2. Minimum Canadian Benchmark Level of 7 or above in English or French in first language proving your language abilities;

The final phase will also require Police clearance certificates from all countries where you have lived in the past for 6 months or more. Along with that the applicant is required to take a medical test from a Canadian authorized medical Center. The medical centers are mainly located in Doha.

During the final stages of a successful application an immigrant from Qatar is also required to provide the biometrics. For this you need to make a personal visit within 30 days of getting the biometrics request letter.

A successful application receives an invitation for permanent residence which needs to be completed within the 60 days of its issuance. The Canada federal or provincial office will only approve the Permanent residency visa provided they are satisfied with the applicant’s background, criminal inadmissibility and truth in the information entered in the express entry profile.

Once a visa is approved,they will issue notification for landing in Canada with a validity of one year period, which is will be more than enough to settle your things back home.

To understand the other possibilities of migration from Qatar to Canada, consult professional migration expert like Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai. The consultation will further ease the migration from Qatar to Canada.

For Qatari immigrants seeking entry to Canada the most important measures are meeting the basic standards set by the federal Canadian government.

Canada bestows peace, safety as well as security irrespective of the person’s immigration status.Also, the country has an impeccable standard of life and resources which any democratic person would enjoy.

As a Qatari immigrant, you can enjoy the benefits like the right to live and work in any place of your choice, free medical and financial aid for child care for working parents, education in public schools till age 18 is free and unemployment benefits.

The permanent resident visa is approved for 5 years. If successful in establishing yourself for a time period of 2 years, the permanent resident will become eligible for applying Canadian Citizenship. For Canadian permanent residency the applicant can also sponsor the dependent immediate family.

Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai is an IRCC registered migration consultancy firm based in Dubai, UAE. Contact us for more information on the migration to Canada from Qatar.

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