February 28, 2024

Discover Why Portugal is the Ideal Destination for these 5 Migrants Categories

What benefits and drawbacks come with residing in Portugal? Why would you want to immigrate to Portugal?

Portugal is a great place to live! It's among the greatest nations for foreigners seeking a new beginning. Imagine enjoying almost 300 days of beautiful sunshine, incredibly amiable residents, and a completely laid-back way of life. It's even more alluring considering the affordable cost of living.

Well, let's be honest here. Like anywhere else, Portugal has its drawbacks. Getting familiar with the local language is a fantastic idea if you want to completely experience the Portuguese feelings. And remember to bring some cash when you visit those neighbourhood eateries for some delectable food. Oh, and be prepared for houses without central heating; those Portuguese dwellings aren't usually toasty warm.

While we sincerely hope that everyone can find happiness in Portugal, certain people will fit in here even better than others. These five areas are listed below for 2024.

1. Remote employees

digital nomad portugal

If you work virtually any role remotely, Portugal will be the ideal location for you. The first industry that typically springs to mind when someone discusses remote employment is the IT industry. Nonetheless, I want to focus more on non-IT professionals in this piece.

Portugal can, of course, also be a great option for IT workers. However, let's face it—these professionals typically make rather substantial wages. Because of this, practically any country can accommodate them; the options are surprisingly abundant (okay, we're all a little jealous).

However, other professions' remote workers are frequently overlooked. However, a lot of tasks can now be completed entirely remotely. The pay for positions like sales manager, translator, designer, or HR professional is frequently less than that of front-end or back-end developers. For this reason, there are fewer and fewer places to choose from where you can live happily. Portugal is the greatest option for you in this scenario.

According to the Numbeo ranking, the nation has the 25th-best quality of life among all nations. and just 66th in terms of living expenses.

It seems like a great combination.

You can use the Numbeo calculator to get more accurate information on the cost of living in Portugal.

To discover how much you would spend living in this place, simply input the name of the city you wish to reside in along with a few data about your lifestyle. Although the figure is not quite correct, it is still rather close.

A Digital Nomad visa would be appropriate for you if you are thinking of relocating to Portugal and working remotely. It enables you to live and operate in Portugal for a company based abroad or work for yourself and have clients from other countries.

2. Bloggers, influencers, creators

migrate to portugal as blogger

Portugal is an ideal location for creative individuals. This nation is ideal for you if you own your own blog or channel and generate revenue from images, videos, or other types of social media content. You ought to take that into account as well if you produce content both offline and online.

In Portugal, you can find dozens of ideas for your writing in almost any subject. Portugal might be a great place to work on a blog on travel, architecture, food, sports, wellness, beauty, or just about any other aspect of lifestyle. You have a lovely view outside the window, and it is nearly always sunny here. Even better is that you can easily move locations—regardless of where you live—in just 30 minutes of driving. You can always locate another stunning location for a movie. Not to mention Madeira and the Azores, which are incredibly stunning islands that will certainly bring you thousands of new viewers.

Portugal is the ideal destination for taking pictures and films to showcase your work if you are producing anything and promoting it online.

These are a few fantastic YouTube channels created by Portuguese expats.

1. A chic lifestyle blog about healthy habits, self-care, and minimalism
2. A lovely and tranquil blog about cooking, farming, and taking in the natural beauty of Portugal
3. A humorous family blog about exploring the world, relocating overseas, and creating a rural home

Depending on the details of your income, you have two alternatives for the type of visa you should be applying for. You might think about applying for a D7 visa if you have a sizable quantity of passive revenue from your already-existing content (old films, blogs, websites, or perhaps you have registered intellectual property). You might think about applying for a Digital Nomad visa if the majority of your revenue comes from active outside sources, such as independent contractors.

3. Sports coaches

migrate to portugal as sport coach

You'll adore Portugal if coaching is your career and your life is centered around sports! This nation loves sports, with beach sports being particularly well-liked. It would be easy for you to get employment at one of the clubs as a yoga, surfing, fitness, or paddling instructor, for example. There are lots of lovely places to teach online right here.

You can begin your education and work for yourself as well. Even during the off-peak season, there is no shortage of customers, particularly when it comes to well-known locations like Lisbon, the Algarve, or Madeira.

The best course of action if you're seeking for work would be to use Yelp or other similar services to locate the clubs closest to you. Then proceed to speak with the proprietors, offer your skills, and enquire about open positions. In Portugal, this method is far more effective than searching for job openings online or mailing your resume. If the proprietors don't have a position available for you, they might know of someone who does. In Portugal, word-of-mouth is crucial.

Should you engage in online tutoring, maintain a fitness blog, and generate income through the internet, you can qualify for a Digital Nomad visa. If this is not the case, you have two options: either create a legal entity in Portugal and then apply for a residence permit as an entrepreneur (article 89.2 of Portuguese immigration law), or apply for a work residence permit from the Portuguese territory (article 88.2 of Portuguese immigrational law).

4. Those who are retired or "early retired"

migrate to portugal as retired worker

To be honest, there are moments when it can be quite difficult to push yourself to work while residing by the Portuguese beach. This is because you watch people enjoying beer and sunbathing all day long, and you wish you could do the same. It turns out that some people can genuinely do it! And for the entire year, not just while they were on vacation.

Portugal awaits you whether you are retired or live off of your passive income. All of your needs are met. First off, as was already established, these costs are really affordable. Second, it sounds like a dream come true—you can spend all of your free time outside due to the fantastic temperature. Furthermore, Portugal has access to all form of entertainment you can imagine. It offers something for every age group and interest. events such as concerts, sports, exhibitions, museums, and clubs. All you need to do is choose the area of the nation that best suits your needs and desires.

For instance, Lisbon or Porto would be the best places to have a lively social life; Nazare or Peniche would be the best places to surf; and the Algarve would have the best beaches. However, you may always combine all the activities by spending a few hours traveling by vehicle or rail and ending up somewhere else in the nation. Is it correct that life without work has never sounded more appealing?

To make sure you don't miss anything, you can keep track of the most intriguing events happening across the nation right here.

For those fortunate enough to believe that this is a personal note, your visa type is D7.

5. Those who desire an off-grid lifestyle

migrate to portugal

Portugal offers a large quantity of land for extremely affordable costs. Plots for 20,000 euros or less might be available! Additionally, there are some offers that include the property and the wreckage of a house; in these cases, rebuilding the existing structure would likely be more straightforward legally than starting from scratch. Thus, obtaining land here is not too difficult.

This, along with a pleasant temperature, makes the nation perfect for self-sufficient life and land cultivation. It makes sense why people are moving here to establish farms, start over, and get closer to nature from all over the world.

Portugal is the ideal destination for you if you are interested in experiencing this agricultural lifestyle or if you have previously done so. You can become a part of the wonderful off-grid expat community to learn more about the topic.

Additionally, you may always come together with others if you don't want to feel alone in your country. There are many programs where foreigners establish communities and coexist to develop sustainable villages like this one.

You must choose a kind of visa that would enable you to immigrate if this is the lifestyle you want. Several options are available to you here, based on your particular circumstances. It will be a D7 visa if you are self-employed. You must apply for a Digital Nomad visa if you intend to work remotely while living in the great outdoors. The only way to make money from farming (normal farming, not cryptocurrency yield farming!) is to seek for residency in Portugal and register as an entrepreneur (article 89.2 of Portuguese immigration legislation).

If you are thinking about moving to Portugal, you will find that an amazing life is waiting for you. Portugal has many chances and a great standard of living. You must obtain a residence permit in order to establish your residency, which will allow you to live and work legally in the nation.

Portugal offers a welcoming atmosphere for professionals, both domestic and international. You can choose the right visa type based on your unique needs, from Schengen visas for quick trips to specialist visas for work, study, investment, and family reunion.

Get ready for an amazing trip to Portugal, where your work permit, residence permit, and fulfilling lifestyle will all add to an amazing experience. Seize the chance to discover the magnificent beaches, extensive history, and friendly Portuguese people of the nation. To a fresh start in Portugal!

Unlocking Your Path to Portugal: How Pelican Migration Consultants Can Help You Obtain a Visa

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