April 24, 2018

Canadian Job Vacancies Up by 25 Percent in last Quarter of 2017

The last three months in 2017 has reported a requirement of 470,000 job vacancies all around Canada. The statistics prove that the total job vacancies required in 2017 were almost 25 % higher than the same period in 2016.

The report show year by year requirements of all the 13 provinces and territories across Canada in the final quarter of 2017. It is highly noted that the employment vacancies in 9 out of 13 provinces in Canada have been up. The major increase has exhibited the province of British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario.

Around 470,000 job vacancies have been reported in the last quarter of 2017 across Canada. It shows an increase of 89,000 or roughly 23 % compared to 2016.

The report also underlines that almost 7 out of 10 Canada job vacancies were full time and the average hourly wages for almost all the jobs were nearly CAD 20.

The province of Quebec was the best performer among all the provinces. Also, the reports have shown that the total job requirements in Quebec were up by almost 29,185 compared to 2016. The major requirements in Quebec were from the Hospitality sector, Tourism Sector, Finance and Manufacturing industry.

Ontario which is the most populated province in Canada has seen an increase in the job opportunities of 28,085  compared to 2016. It is the sixth consecutive year in which the province has seen an increasing demand for job opportunities. The increment is mainly in the social and healthcare services.

The province of British Columbia has seen the total demanded occupations up by around 15,485 compared to last year. The majority of this increase has been felt in the Hospitality and Food and Beverage industry.

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