June 29, 2024

Alberta Gains Popularity Among Interprovincial Migrants

Alberta has consistently been a popular choice for those in search of new opportunities, and recent statistics highlight its increasing attractiveness. With shifting population dynamics across Canada, Alberta is experiencing significant growth in interprovincial migration. This blog delves into the reasons behind this trend, offering an in-depth analysis of Alberta's immigration landscape and its implications for future residents.

Alberta Immigration – A Rising Trend

Alberta has always been an attractive destination, but its recent population increase from other Canadian regions underscores a notable trend. In the first quarter of 2024, Alberta saw 89,408 new residents, reflecting its ongoing appeal. Despite this being an 8.9% decrease from the same period in 2023, Alberta continues to be a leading province for interprovincial migration, with a net gain of 12,482 people.

Factors Driving Alberta’s Population Growth

Statistics Canada data shows that Alberta has experienced eleven straight quarters of net gains in interprovincial migration. This positive trend follows a difficult period from the third quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2021, during which Alberta faced losses in 19 out of 24 quarters.

The primary sources of Alberta's net migration gains are Ontario and British Columbia. Specifically, Alberta welcomed 9,398 new residents from Ontario and 9,218 from British Columbia. When Albertans decided to move to other provinces, British Columbia and Ontario were the top choices, with 5,744 and 3,893 out-migrants, respectively.

Interprovincial and International Migration Trends

Alberta’s population growth is fueled by both interprovincial and international migration. In Q1 2024, the province saw a net migration increase of 45,375 people, a 4.5% rise from 43,424 in Q1 2023. This includes 32,893 net migrants from international sources, marking a 12.5% increase from the previous year. However, interprovincial net migration saw an 11.9% decrease, with 12,482 net migrants arriving from other Canadian provinces.

Despite these fluctuations, Alberta recorded the third-highest net migration for Q1 2024, trailing only Ontario with 83,700 and Quebec with 48,520.

Canada's Population Reaches 41 Million Milestone

Canada's population surpassed 41 million in Q1 2024, fueled largely by immigration. International migration accounted for 99.3% of the growth, adding 240,955 people, including permanent and temporary immigrants. Permanent immigration continues to play a pivotal role, with over 100,000 immigrants arriving each quarter since Q3 2021.

The Influence on Maritime Provinces

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick experienced substantial immigration, with each welcoming 3,999 immigrants, while Prince Edward Island received 1,330 newcomers. These figures highlight immigration's significant role in fostering population growth and regional development across Canada.

Alberta’s ongoing population growth from across Canada underscores its enduring allure. With robust interprovincial and international migration, the province remains a magnet for newcomers seeking prosperity and quality of life. Alberta boasts a strong economy, diverse job market, and inclusive community, appealing to those drawn to its natural beauty, economic potential, and vibrant culture. These trends align with broader national growth patterns, reflecting Alberta’s pivotal role in Canada’s demographic landscape. For anyone contemplating relocation, Alberta’s thriving communities and opportunities make it a compelling choice.

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