November 28, 2020

Why choose an CICC licensed immigration consultant for your Canada Immigration?

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, chances are that you have done your research on the various immigration programs, eligibility requirements, and the application process. But what about hiring an agent?

While you can go ahead and lodge the visa application yourself, you will find that it soon becomes time-consuming and tiring. Furthermore, your research will only help you gain insights into a few immigration programs like the Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Workers Program, and Provincial Nominee Program, when Canada presents over 60 immigration programs for aspiring migrants.

An immigration consultant registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), will help you find the right immigration program based on your eligibility and offer you the right amount of assistance throughout the migration process.

If that isn’t enough encouragement for you to hire a CICC Licensed immigration consultant, here are three reasons that will make you reconsider your decision.

3 Benefits Of Hiring An CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant

- It Helps You Save Time and Money

If you thought you will be losing money by hiring a CICC Licensed immigration consultant, you should know that rather than losing you will be saving both money and time. The right immigration consultant makes obtaining a visa much easier and faster by helping you quickly find the ideal Canadian visa program based on your eligibility. They also walk with you through every step of the process to make sure you get enough assistance.

- You Get To Make Informed Decisions

Since 2004, the Canadian Regulatory Council has made it mandatory for immigration consultants to complete an accredited program that makes them more knowledgeable about the Canadian immigration laws and the proper procedure for citizenship in the country.

The consultants who complete the ongoing professional development and practice management are termed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCICs—legally authorized representative and members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

RCICs are notified every time a new development or change happens in the country's immigration field.  So when working with them, you will be able to make informed decisions when planning to migrate to Canada.

- You’ll Be Protected Against Fraud

CICC Licensed immigration consultants are required to obtain errors and omission insurance. Meaning the applicants will be protected against unintended actions that can lead to financial damage.

Even the best immigration consultants can make mistakes that can have detrimental effects on the clients' visa application. In such a scenario, the insurance keeps both the clients and the consultant safe.

For instance, if a client feels that a consultant is not acting in his/her best interest and their actions are causing damage, the client has the right to file a complaint to CICC. After investigation, CICC will decide how the client and the consultant should settle the dispute.

How To Find An CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant

If you are planning to seek assistance from a CICC licensed immigration consultant in Dubai, make sure you check out the guidelines listed on CICC's website to identify Fraudulent Immigration Consultants

Ensure the consultant you plan to hire meet all the requirements listed on the website. In case they don't, your consultant might be making misleading claims. Follow the steps given below to find out whether a consultant is CICC Licensed or not.

Step 1: Head to CICC’s ‘Find a Professional’ page.

Step 2: Fill in the details of your claimed CICC Licensed immigration consultant—Surname, Name, and Registration Number—it will typically be provided on their website. If not, obtain it from the consultant during communications.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page containing the name of your claimed CICC Licensed immigration consultant. Click the ‘contact’ button present next to the name.

Step 4: The page that opens after clicking the contact button should ideally show the name of the immigration consultancy your consultant is representing. If not, make sure you report it to CICC, who will then take the required action against the consultant.

Should You Hire A CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant?

The answer to the question depends on your needs. A CICC Licensed immigration consultant can help you;

  • Analyze your chances of getting a visa;
  • Find the best visa program based on your profile;
  • Prepare the application;
  • Validate your documents and make sure they are error-free;
  • And, in every other aspect of a Canadian immigration program.

There is a wide array of benefits associated with hiring a CICC agent. They understand the complex procedures and nitty-gritty details better than you and can offer you the right guidance, thereby improving your chances of getting your visa approved at the earliest.

Once you have decided to hire an immigration consultant, make sure you find the best CICC Licensed immigration consultant in Dubai. Ask for referrals, on surf the internet, and start your Canadian visa application process with confidence.

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