October 17, 2021

Which is the best country to migrate from Dubai?

The options available to you when relocating from Dubai can be overwhelming. Trying to figure out which country has the best combination of features that actually suits you can become a time-consuming and a lot of confusing task until you have the right guidance. This is one of the reasons, it is so better to hire immigration consultants in Dubai to help you in making the correct choice. Understanding how different countries possess different strengths and obviously have different opportunities for you, you have to consider various factors to choose the country you would like to immigrate to. This is why we at Pelican Consultants have compiled a list of some countries for immigrants, including some of their best characteristics. Read on to know further.


Some of the top Countries that you can choose to migrate from Dubai

Moving to a new country can become an exciting and life-changing experience. But it is not a simple matter, and making these big decisions necessitates careful consideration, deliberation, and a well-thought-out plan of action. There are numerous factors that influence your decision. Better educational or healthcare opportunities, job stability, quality of life, and low crime rates are just a few of the main reasons why you would really like to relocate to a country other than your own.


According to United Nation, Human Development, and the US News & World report’s based on the high quality of life and long life expediency, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the most well-known and immigrant-friendly countries that you can choose to migrate from Dubai to live a happy and prosperous life ahead. But, as obvious, for the year 2020 as well, Canada remains at the top of the list. Per capita income, Life expectancy, Literacy rate, and Gross enrolment ratio are the major four factors that UNDP takes into consideration while ranking countries for Human Development Index.


Some factors that make these countries a top priority for immigration for Dubai Residents are as follows:

  • World-class education system

The above-mentioned countries according to the Human Development Index spend comparatively more on education per capita than just about any other industrialized country and in fact, Canada has been titled as the world's most educated country. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand also have some of the world's best universities with students approaching them from all over the world. As per Statistics, 54 percent of these countries aged 25 to 64 have a post-secondary degree, with another 10.8 percent having completed an internship or a trades credential. Tuition is fully or partially enclosed in some provinces for low-income students in Canada to promote literacy.

  • Fast-growing tech sector

The tech sector is Canada's main driver of growth, which bodes well for the country's future as the demand for tech professionals grows. Government support, as well as investment in Canada's technology industry, is also strong, with grant funding and other techniques available to assist Canadian startups. Canada is quickly becoming a top destination for organizations looking for skilled tech talent. While Canada receives a lot of attention for its abundance of tech talent, it is not alone. Other countries on the list are also attracting tech talent and have plenty of job opportunities available for a good pay scale.

  • Access to universal healthcare

Only a few countries offer free access to Universal Healthcare for immigrants and Canada is one of them. If you have successfully received a Canadian PR Visa, you will be enjoying free healthcare and medical facilities just like Canadian citizens. Canada is one of the countries with the best Healthcare for Expats. The Canadian government provides free primary medical care to all other citizens. The government covers medicines, dental care, optometry, and other services. Canadians have access to universal healthcare. The health service is supported by the government.

  • High Living Standards

Of course, one of the major UNDP considerations for countries ranking is the living standard of that country. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are well known for their multicultural backgrounds, a secure and safe environment, and the most immigrant-friendly countries. Canada has one of the most appealing standards of living, with many public holidays, flexible work hours, as well as an outstanding work-life balance. Despite having a large number of environmental assets, the country's economy seems to be more service-oriented.


Which is the best country to migrate from Dubai?

Of course, with no doubts Canada is on the top of this list, being the best country to migrate to. Canada has been well-known for being one of the best immigration destinations in the world. According to statistics, the country will receive 401,000 new immigrants between now and 2022, highlighting the economic growth of the country's immigration rate. The economic success of Canada is one of the reasons why this is one of the top countries to migrate to. The Canadian economy succeeded in creating 230,700 jobs in June 2021, while the unemployment rate fell by 7.9 percent. This emphasizes the plethora of job opportunities created for immigrants. Do not forget to take the help of the Canada Immigration Consultants to aid you through this complex process.


To summarise, even the wealthiest countries for immigration differ significantly in terms of their best characteristics and opportunities. That's why Pelican Migration Consultants, one of the most trusted and preferred immigration consultants in Dubai, will be able to assist you in making the best decision based on their experience and expertise.


Choosing the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Do you know who can be the best to represent you in the immigration process from Dubai to your favorite country? None other than a team authorized by the Canadian government itself can assist you the best in migration to Canada! A licensed RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) can be the ideal choice for you. Because of the various policies, visa prospects, as well as laws in the immigration realm, you may struggle to understand where to apply or what to apply for. Remember, if you choose to migrate to Dubai, do not forget to contact the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for appropriate and adequate assistance!


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