November 8, 2023

What Is Montenegro Digital Nomad Permit Visa? How to apply

In today's changing work landscape, the idea of working from anywhere has caught the attention of professionals worldwide. Montenegro, with its stunning beauty and cultural richness, has joined this trend by offering the Digital Nomad Permit and D Visa options. Whether you're a seasoned digital nomad or just exploring the idea, this guide will walk you through how to apply for the Montenegro Digital Nomad Permit Visa.


Your Pathway Options

Montenegro's welcoming approach to digital nomads comes in two choices: the Digital Nomad Permit and the D Visa. Here's what each option entails:

  • Digital Nomad Permit: Designed for those seeking a longer stay, this permit allows an initial two-year residency, extendable for two more years, making a total of four years. To qualify, applicants need to show a monthly income of at least EUR 1,350. Families can also apply, as dependents like spouses are eligible for a family-reunification permit.
  • D Visa: Suited for digital nomads planning to stay between 90 and 180 days within a year, the D Visa offers flexibility. Unlike the permit, there's no specific income requirement. However, information about dependent rights for the D Visa is limited in current government regulations.


Who Qualifies and How to Apply

The rules for eligibility and the steps to apply are straightforward:

  • Eligibility: For both options, applicants must be engaged in online business activities for foreign companies. Alongside proof of where you'll stay and health insurance, you need to show evidence of your professional role (like a work contract). Those applying for the Digital Nomad Permit must also prove a minimum monthly income. However, this income requirement doesn't apply to D Visa applicants.
  • Application Process: Applying involves submitting necessary papers, including an application form, proof of income, where you'll stay, and health insurance details. Once you submit, authorities review your application. If it's approved, you'll get your Digital Nomad Permit or D Visa.


Following the Rules and Important Points

While the idea of working from a place like Montenegro sounds exciting, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • No Local Work: Whether you have a permit or a D Visa, you're not allowed to work for local companies or set up businesses in Montenegro. The focus is on working remotely for foreign companies.
  • Staying Legal: With rules around remote work evolving, it's important to follow local laws. Not doing so might lead to fines or even losing your work rights. To navigate this, seeking help from experts in immigration is a smart move.


Shaping the Future of Remote Work Visas

Montenegro's move to offer digital nomad visas reflects a global trend that's picking up pace. Even though the rate of new visas has slowed a bit, there's still a lot of interest in creating options for digital nomads. As economies recover from the pandemic and the need for skilled workers continues, the idea of remote work remains appealing to businesses and governments.

In conclusion, the Montenegro Digital Nomad Permit Visa and D Visa choices provide an exciting way to combine work and exploration. By sticking to the rules and getting expert guidance, digital nomads can make the most of this opportunity while staying on the right side of the law.


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