February 6, 2024

What are the essential things to know before immigrating to Portugal?

The Republic of Portugal, which occupies the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira in addition to being partially situated in the Iberian Peninsula in Southwest Europe, is the westernmost point of Europe. With the Atlantic Ocean forming its southern and western boundaries, Spain is the only nation that borders Portugal on land.

Relocating to this stunning nation, rich in culture, history, food, customs, and celebrations, can be an exciting journey. The people of Portugal are generally quite laid back, pleasant, and warm. Life does not pass by at a breakneck speed; rather, it goes slowly. There is a lot of research and planning involved in moving to a new nation, so before choosing Portugal as their new home, prospective residents should think about the following.

Permits and visas

Since 1986, Portugal has been a part of the EU and EEA. A visa is not required for citizens of any EU country to travel to Portugal as per the Freedom-of-Movement agreement. Citizens of third countries must obtain a visa before visiting Portugal; the kind of visa required depends on the length and reason for the visit, and the requirements for the visa are contingent upon the nationality of the applicant.

A long-term visa is good for a year, while a regular visit visa entitles the bearer to 90 days of nonstop stay in the nation. If the requirements are fulfilled, a long-term visa can be extended; in contrast, a visitation visa cannot be prolonged but can be converted to a long-term visa under certain circumstances.

The holder of a visa, whether it be for a visit or a prolonged stay, is not allowed to work or engage in any other type of financial activity, including business, self-employment, or the like. It is necessary to have a work visa in order to work in Portugal.

Selecting a Portuguese residence

One of the main prerequisites for submitting a visa application is proof of accommodations. Reservations for hotels may be sufficient for a visit visa; however, a permanent address is required for long-term or work visa applications. When applying for a job, the town and city are decided by the employer; otherwise, the candidate must select where they want to reside before moving in.

The applicant may have a preference for a family house surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or for a luxurious apartment in the Algarve or Lisbon. Portugal has a wide range of adaptable living spaces to meet residents' needs, depending on their budget.

Health coverage

Similar to the NHS in the UK is the state-sponsored healthcare program SNS. All residents, including foreign nationals, are entitled to free medical care and prescription drugs at SNS healthcare facilities. Although some foreign nationals choose to purchase individual health insurance policies from firms like Allianz and Cigna Global, possessing health insurance is still a crucial prerequisite for applying for a visa.

Obtaining employment

Employment of nationals of third countries is only permitted if the employer can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that no Portuguese or EU citizen is qualified for the role. You can search for openings online, in your neighborhood newspaper, or by getting in touch with the placement agents in your area. The application for a work visa is always started by the employer, and the incumbent is not allowed to apply for one until the application is approved.

Language and culture

The official language of the nation is Portuguese, which is essentially Latin distorted. Even though English is spoken and understood in Portugal, it is advisable to have a rudimentary understanding of the language before relocating. Being familiar with Portuguese culture, cuisines, customs, holidays, and traditions will greatly aid in assimilating into the new nation, as the Portuguese adore socialism and nationalism is one of its products.

Portugal was the first global empire, as seen by its colorful, opulent architecture and delectable food. In the past, Portugal's borders extended as far as Macau, which is currently a part of China after being returned by Portugal in 1999. The Portuguese kingdom included Brazil, regions of Asia and Africa, Goa (India), Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, and numerous other towns and nations.


Portugal presents an enticing destination for relocation, boasting rich culture, history, and a laid-back lifestyle. Prospective residents should carefully consider factors such as visa requirements, accommodation options, healthcare coverage, employment opportunities, and language proficiency before making the move.

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