March 21, 2024

What Are the Cheapest European Countries to Live In?

Are you considering migrating to Europe and curious about the most affordable European countries to live in?

Embarking on a journey abroad is filled with excitement and challenges. Before finalizing your decision, thorough exploration of your options is essential. Assessing the funds required for a comfortable standard of living, covering rent, bills, and other expenses, is equally crucial.

Nevertheless, the experience need not be daunting. Equipping yourself with essential details beforehand will pave the way for a smoother journey ahead.

Kickstart your exciting adventure with these incredibly affordable European countries to make your new home:


Situated in Western Europe, stands out as one of the most cost-effective European destinations to reside in. Expats typically suggest a budget of $1,000-1,500 per month for two adults living in Portugal.

Lisbon, as Portugal’s capital, boasts the highest expat population in the country. Nonetheless, other cities like Porto, Braga, and Castelo Branco offer even more affordable living options. Despite its rising popularity and subsequent price increases, Portugal remains relatively inexpensive compared to other Western European countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Understanding the Average Living Expenses in Portugal

Rent (Lisbon): $1,013.02(Outside Lisbon): $500-700
Meals Dining at an affordable restaurant: $10    Dining for two at a higher-end restaurant: $45
Utilities (on average) $91.75
Public transportation

(one-way ticket)

Minimum salary $718.72

Moreover, Portugal offers national health coverage, providing free healthcare for children under 18 and adults over 65. Additionally, it boasts one of the world's lowest crime rates, ranking seventh safest in 2024.


Compared to its European counterparts, Poland stands out as one of the most affordable countries to live in. Despite being one of the most economically developed nations in Eastern Europe, Poland offers a high quality of life at a low cost. In Krakow, the second-largest city, one-bedroom apartment rents range from $315 to $500. Alternatively, cities like Olsztyn in Northern Poland offer even more affordable living options. Olsztyn is ideal for nature enthusiasts and those seeking vibrant nightlife.

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is typically around 10% more expensive than Krakow, yet it remains affordable.

Rent (in Warsaw) $517.41
(outside Warsaw) $438.48
Meals Meal at an inexpensive restaurant
Meal for two at a relatively expensive restaurant $31
Utilities (on average) $183.97
Public transport (single public transport ticket)  $0.85
Minimum salary $650.37

As you explore the possibilities of relocating to Portugal or Poland, remember that every destination offers its unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Whether you choose the tranquil shores of Portugal or the vibrant streets of Poland, each country has something special to offer. By carefully considering your options and planning ahead, you can embark on an exciting journey towards a new chapter in your life. So, embrace the adventure, seize the opportunity, and make your dream of living in Europe a reality.

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