April 26, 2023

Top 10 Countries of Immigrants to Canada in 2022

In 2022, Canada continued to experience an upward trend in the number of permanent residents (PRs) that landed in the country, with 437,120 new PRs arriving across the country. This represents an increase of almost eight percent from the previous year and exceeds the immigration target set by the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan. The plan had targeted 431,645 immigrants for 2022, which was exceeded by over 5,000 people.

Economic immigration programs continued to be the primary source of new Canadian PRs, accounting for 58.5% of all new immigrants throughout the year. This includes programs for workers, business owners, Provincial Nominees, and temporary residents seeking permanent residency. Meanwhile, the family class of immigration programs, which includes sponsored spouses, parents, and children, accounted for 22.2% of all newly landed PRs in 2022, which fell short of the target set by the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan.

In terms of the countries that immigrants to Canada came from, India continued to be the leading source of immigration, with 118,095 immigrants (27% of the total) originating from there. China was the second most common source country, with 31,815 immigrants (7.2% of the total). The percentage of immigrants from India and China, however, decreased from 2021. Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines rounded out the top five countries of origin, with 23,735, 22,085, and 22,070 immigrants, respectively.

The following table outlines the top ten countries of origin for new Canadian PRs in 2022, including the number of immigrants from each country and the percentage of Canada's total PR number accounted for by each country.

Country Number of Immigrants Percentage of Total
India 118,095 27%
China 31,815 7.2%
Afghanistan 23,735 5.4%
Nigeria 22,085 5.05%
Philippines 22,070 5.04%
France 14,145 3.2%
Pakistan 11,585 2.6%
Iran 11,105 2.5%
United States of America 10,400 2.3%
Syria 8,500 1.9%


Ontario remained the top destination for new PRs, although the percentage of immigrants that landed in the province decreased from the previous year. Quebec overtook British Columbia as the second most common initial settlement location. In terms of regions, the only other area to exceed 10% of all landed immigrants was Alberta, with 49,460 immigrants throughout the year.

The following table outlines the number of landed PRs in each province and territory in Canada for 2022, the percentage share, as well as the percentage change from 2021.

Province/Territory 2022 PRs % of all PRs % Change from 2021
Newfoundland and Labrador 3,490 0.7% +0.2%
Prince Edward Island 2,665 0.6% -
Nova Scotia 12,650 2.8% +0.6%
New Brunswick 10,205 2.3% +1%
Quebec 68,685 15.7% +3.4%
Ontario 184,725 42.2% -6.7%
Manitoba 21,645 4.9% +0.8%
Saskatchewan 21,635 4.9% +2.2%
Alberta 49,460 11.3% +1.4%
British Columbia 61,215 14% -3.1%
Yukon 455 0.1% -
Northwest Territories 235 0.0% -0.1%
Nunavut 45 0.0% -
Province not stated 20 0.0% -0.1%
Canada total 437,120 100% -


Ontario remained the top destination for new PRs in 2022, although the percentage of immigrants that landed in the province decreased by 6.7% from the previous year. Quebec saw an increase of 3.4% in landed PRs compared to the previous year, overtaking British Columbia as the second most common initial settlement location. British Columbia landed 14% of Canada’s immigrants in 2022, which is down about three percent from the previous year. Alberta, meanwhile, landed a total of 49,460 immigrants throughout the year, accounting for 11.3% of all new PRs.

It is important to note that immigration patterns can shift year over year and the number of immigrants coming from specific countries can change over time. Factors such as global events, economic conditions, and immigration policies can all impact immigration patterns.


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