February 10, 2024

Tips for Enhancing Your CRS Score

Your eligibility and prospects of being chosen for permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry are largely dependent on your CRS score.

It is crucial to raise your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in the Express Entry system since it has a direct impact on your ability to obtain permanent residence in Canada. You are more competitive in the Express Entry pool and have a better chance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) if you have a higher CRS score. Increasing your CRS score will increase your eligibility and greatly increase your chances of being granted permanent residence in Canada.

Take into consideration the following strategies to gain more points and move closer to obtaining permanent residence in Canada in order to improve your CRS score and raise your chances of success.

1. Take the IELTS exam again

The best method to get more points is to raise your IELTS score. Good IELTS scores can earn you up to 160 points on their own.

However, post-secondary education can get you an extra 50 points if your IELTS score is strong. You can gain an additional 50 points if you have at least three years of work experience and a strong IELTS score.

To be eligible for Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker program, you must receive at least a 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). This IELTS score, which is at least 6.0 in each language competency. However, you may be able to receive up to 260 Express Entry points for just your language skills if you are able to earn CLB 9 in all language proficiency areas.

Additionally, you are free to take the IELTS exam as often as you choose. Once you submit your profile to the pool, you can even update your Express Entry profile with new IELTS test results.

To assist with exam preparation, Canadim offers free online IELTS training to all of our Express Entry clients. You can get a lot of preparation resources online, both for free and for a fee.

Immigration Tip: Sign up for an early IELTS test. In this manner, you have time to retake them before submitting your profile if you don't perform as well as you had anticipated. You can always make changes to your profile, but you might lose out on draws if you wait to raise your score until after you're in the pool.

2. Acquire Professional Experience

Your work experience plays a significant role in determining your Express Entry points because it is the system that handles applications for economic immigration streams.

However, adding more years of work experience to your resume in order to increase your Express Entry points is not a simple task.

Immigration Tip: You may want to consider entering Canada as a temporary worker or student first if you are not qualified for Express Entry, or if you are eligible but your score is not competitive. Having Canadian experience can lead to many additional opportunities for Canadian immigration.

However, many candidates fail to make the most of the professional experience they do have. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) matrix is used by Express Entry to allocate points to each and every occupation. One of the easiest methods to raise your score is to select the correct NOC code.

If you are invited to apply for permanent residence, you will have to provide proof that the NOC codes you stated in your job experience are correct, therefore you shouldn't lie about your experience.

Nevertheless, it's worthwhile to invest some effort in determining which NOC codes most closely match your professional background and grant you the most number of Express Entry points.

Sorting through the NOC matrix can be somewhat complicated, therefore it can be quite helpful to speak with an expert to determine which NOC codes you can claim.

3. Earn Spousal Points

Some candidates may not be affected, but you might be losing out on some points if you have a spouse or common-law partner.

There are three options here, and each merits further investigation.

First, you can receive additional points from your partner or spouse. Your spouse or partner may help you gain more Express Entry points by retaking a language exam or by obtaining an educational credential assessment (ECA) for any post-secondary degree they may have completed.

Second, as a lone applicant, you might actually receive a higher score. You might improve your score by putting your husband or partner as non-accompaning, as your score is affected by their presence or absence. You can still invite them to come live with you in Canada if you are granted permanent residence, but there will be a time of separation.

Third, your spouse might be a more qualified candidate after all. Whether or not you accompany your spouse, you should absolutely try to figure out how many points they would receive if they were the primary applicant.

Immigration Tip: You can each submit a profile to the Express Entry system and designate the other as an accompanying person if you and your spouse or partner are both qualified candidates. In this manner, your chances of success are doubled!

There are several more difficult methods you can undertake to raise your score if you've taken language tests as well as you can, claimed as many points as you can for your work experience, and maximized your spousal points but are still below the competitive level.

4. Receive a Job Offer

You can receive an additional 50–200 points if a Canadian firm extends an eligible job offer to you. To try to get in touch with Canadian employers in your field, spend some time on the Canada Job Bank, private job boards, and social networking sites.

5. Make a nomination for a province.

A province can nominate you and provide you an extra 600 points. Numerous provinces have nomination programs that are compatible with Express Entry; nevertheless, it is typically the responsibility of the candidate to determine which programs they may qualify for and how to apply. Remember that submitting an application for a provincial nomination typically requires a whole different application procedure.

6. Consider Studying

Returning to school can have a significant benefit, but it also requires a significant financial commitment. A one-year post-secondary certificate is a brief curriculum that can get you a lot of points. A post-secondary degree that is three years or more is worth 120 points if you already have one. A second one-year program allows you to receive eight more points for schooling alone. You can receive an extra 50 points for skill transferability if you have had CLB 9 and two years of work experience in Canada. That is an additional 58 Express Entry points in total.

Credentials from Canadian schools are highly valued in Express Entry. You may be able to access many other opportunities for permanent residence in Canada as an international student that you might not otherwise be able to.

Interested in improving your CRS score to secure a better future in Canada? Use our online assessment to get started and find your success path.


In essence, your pathway to Canadian permanent residency hinges greatly on your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, a critical factor in the Express Entry system. Elevating your CRS score enhances your competitiveness and dramatically increases your chances of securing an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada.

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Pelican Migration Consultants specializes in aiding individuals in increasing their CRS scores and navigating the complexities of immigration to Canada. Our expert team offers personalized strategies tailored to your unique circumstances, guiding you through crucial steps such as improving language proficiency, acquiring professional experience, and leveraging spousal points. From assisting with job offers to exploring provincial nomination programs, we provide comprehensive support to maximize your eligibility for Canadian residency. With Pelican Migration Consultants, you can embark on your journey to Canada with confidence and clarity, knowing you have a dedicated partner by your side every step of the way.