November 11, 2023

Time Taken for Canada to Process Visa Applications from India?

When it comes to pursuing opportunities in Canada, one of the most crucial aspects for Indian applicants is understanding the processing times for visa applications. Whether you're considering a work permit, study permit, visitor visa, economic class immigration, or family sponsorship immigration, having clarity on the timeline can make a significant difference in your plans.

Here, we break down the current processing times for different visa categories for applicants from India as of September 26, 2023.


Work Permits and Visas

Work permits and visas are essential for foreign individuals seeking to work and reside in Canada. It's important to distinguish between a visa and a permit—the permit allows legal residence and work (or study) in Canada, while the visa grants entry into the country. Typically, permit processing constitutes the majority of the processing time.


Work Permit Processing Times

Visa Category Processing Time
Applying from India 9 weeks
Inside Canada (Initial) Online: 128 days; Paper: 47 days
Inside Canada (Extension) Online: 128 days;


Study Permits and Visas

Study permits enable foreign nationals to study and live in Canada, often with provisions for part-time or full-time work during their studies. Just like work permits, study permits also involve the visa stamping process if applicants intend to travel outside Canada and return.


Study Permit Processing Times

Visa Category Processing Time
Applying from India 8 weeks
Inside Canada (Initial) 5 weeks
Study Permit Extension (Online) 75 days
Study Permit Extension (Paper) 91 days
Student Direct Stream 20 days (if criteria met)


Visitor Visas

Indian citizens planning to visit Canada require visitor visas. These visas do not include permits for work or study. However, visitors can apply for a visitor record to extend their stay in Canada.


Visitor Visa Processing Times:

Visa Category Processing Time
Applying from India 31 days
Inside Canada (Online) 16 days
Inside Canada (Paper) 47 days
Visitor Extension (Online) 55 days
Visitor Extension (Paper) 102 days



Economic Class Immigration

Canada offers various immigration programs falling under the economic class. These include Express Entry managed programs, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Atlantic Immigration Program, Self-Employed persons Program, Start-up Visa, Quebec immigration streams, and pathways for caregivers. Successful candidates in these programs receive Canadian permanent residence upon arrival.


Economic Immigration Processing Times:

Visa Category Processing Time
Atlantic Immigration Program 6 months
Canadian Experience Class 5 months
Home Child Care Provider Pilot Depends on application timing and work experience
Home Support Worker Pilot Depends on application timing and work experience
Provincial Nominees (Express Entry) 8 months (Online)
Provincial Nominees (Non-Express Entry) 16 months
Self-Employed Persons Program (Federal) 52 months
Quebec Business Class 61 months
Federal Skilled Worker 6 months
Federal Skilled Trades Not enough data
Quebec Skilled Worker 15 months
Start-up Visa 37 months


Family Sponsorship Immigration

Canadian permanent residents and citizens of Indian origin who wish to sponsor family members, including spouses, dependent children, and more, to come to Canada can do so through various pathways, such as spousal sponsorships, dependent child sponsorships, Super Visa, and Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP).


Family Sponsorship Processing Times:

Visa Category Processing Time
Spouse (Outside Quebec) 10 months (Outside Quebec)
Spouse (Inside Quebec) 25 months (Inside Quebec)
Common-Law Partner (Outside Quebec) 13 months (Outside Quebec)
Common-Law Partner (Inside Quebec) 24 months (Inside Quebec)
Super Visa (Parents/Grandparents) 53 days
Dependent Child (Living in India) 10 months
Parents and Grandparents Program (Outside) 21 months (Outside Quebec)
Parents and Grandparents Program (Inside) 46 months (Inside Quebec)
Adopted Child/Other Relative (India) 22 mon

Please note that these processing times are subject to change, and it's advisable to check the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for the most up-to-date information.


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