January 18, 2024

Three Canadian Cities Dominate Liveability: A Deep Dive into the 2023 Rankings

Canada's reputation for stunning landscapes and friendly citizens isn't just a tourist attraction. This year, the prestigious Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Liveability Index solidified the image, placing three Canadian cities in the coveted top 10. This not only marks an impressive feat for the nation, but also offers valuable insights for those seeking a haven of stability, opportunity, and quality of life.

Soaring High: Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto

Leading the Canadian charge is Vancouver, nestled amidst breathtaking mountains and boasting a vibrant cultural scene. Earning a fifth-place ranking and an overall score of 97.3, the city shines in healthcare and education, scoring a perfect 100 in both categories. Its infrastructure and stability, though slightly lower, remain at enviable levels.

Following closely behind in seventh place (tied with Geneva, Switzerland) is Calgary. While often overlooked compared to the "Big Three," Calgary's liveability prowess continues to impress. Scoring a phenomenal 96.8, the city boasts impeccable stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, all with perfect 100s. However, Calgary stumbles slightly in culture and environment, highlighting areas for potential improvement.

Rounding out the Canadian trio is Toronto, Canada's bustling metropolis, occupying ninth place with a score of 96.5. Similar to Calgary, Toronto excels in education, healthcare, and stability, all at a perfect 100. However, its infrastructure receives a lower score of 89.3, revealing challenges in housing affordability and accessibility.

Diving Deeper: The Metrics of Liveability

But what exactly makes a city "liveable"? The EIU index evaluates five key pillars:

  1. Stability: Assessing crime rates, conflict, and social unrest. Unsurprisingly, all three Canadian cities score exceptionally well here, reflecting their peaceful and secure environments.
  2. Healthcare: Examining the availability and quality of both public and private healthcare. Canada's universal healthcare system ensures consistent high scores for its cities.
  3. Culture and Environment: Encompassing climate, cultural accessibility, and lifestyle factors. While no Canadian city reached the top 10 in this category, Vancouver and Toronto come close, showcasing their diverse offerings.
  4. Education: Evaluating both public and private educational systems. This proved a global strength, with every city in the top 10 achieving a perfect 100.
  5. Infrastructure: Assessing the quality of transportation, housing, and utilities. This is where variations appear among the Canadian cities. While Calgary and Vancouver perform well, Toronto's housing concerns bring its score down.

Beyond the Rankings: What Does This Mean for You?

For those seeking a liveable haven, Canada's success in the EIU rankings offers compelling possibilities. Vancouver's natural beauty and cultural vibrancy, Calgary's stability and economic opportunities, and Toronto's cosmopolitan energy each cater to diverse preferences.

Furthermore, the specific breakdown of each city's scores provides valuable insights for potential residents. If healthcare and education are top priorities, any of the three Canadian contenders would be a wise choice. But if infrastructure and affordable housing are paramount, Calgary might be the best fit. Ultimately, the ideal city depends on your individual needs and aspirations.

Canada's continued dominance in the liveability rankings isn't just a matter of national pride; it's a testament to the nation's commitment to fostering safe, vibrant, and adaptable communities. Whether you're drawn by the mountains of Vancouver, the economic dynamism of Calgary, or the urban buzz of Toronto, one thing is clear: Canada offers a compelling proposition for those seeking a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

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