May 2, 2019

The Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program 2019

The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of Canada bordered by the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan as well as territory of Yukon. The territories natural wealth being gold, diamond, natural gas and petroleum. The territorial Capital is Yellow knife and yellow knife provides a spectacular view of the “Aurora” or the Northern Lights.

High quality health care services, a robust educational system and a plethora of recreational opportunities and events are there to enjoy. The readily available services make the transition easier especially while opening a bank account or finding employment and educational opportunities for the kids.

In order to spur up the permanent residency applications to the Northwest Territories, the provincial government of the Northwest Territories has tied-up with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The main aim of the Northwest Territories Nominee program is to helps further build the economy by satisfying the labour shortage of the province by attracting capable people. The program mutually benefits by the hiring as well as the retention of the international workers profiting the provincial employers and by helping the international workers as well as their families in making Northwest Territories as their home.

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The candidates nominated under the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program 2019 are qualified to apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residency as part of the Provincial Nominee program 2019. The final decisions on the applications are made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This program is a fast track program for those aiming Canadian permanent residency.

The immigration streams of the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program 2019

The Northwest Territories Express Entry stream 2019

  • The Northwest Territories Express Entry stream is the newest program incorporated.
  • Intended to meet the requirement of the employers in meeting their demand for skilled workers.
  • Intended for those prospective applicants who satisfied the minimum requirements of the federal Express Entry program and are accepted in the pool of candidates;
  • Once accepted the eligible candidates will receive An Express Entry profile number a job seeker code;
  • On its receipt the minimum eligibility criteria for the provincial program shall be met;
  • The Expression of interest in permanently settling in the territory must be submitted;
  • Priority processing of the eligible applications will be given;
  • If nominated by the territory the applicants will receive the invitation to apply quickly

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Critical Impact Stream

  • To assist any employer with critical labour shortages which is unable to fill by the resident;
  • To maximize the labour pool for the entry level jobs detailed in the National Occupation Classification (skill levels C and D);

In the case of the applicant:

  • To be eligible to qualify the international worker shall be employed in the same job for six (6 months) and
  • Should comply with the conditions of the worker’s permit in Canada
  • Should provide proof of settlement funds to live and settle in NWT;
  • Should meet the minimum work and language requirements.

The employer:

  • Must have a full-time job opportunity;
  • Must identify a potential candidate;
  • Must ensure that the company has been incorporated in the territory
  • Must ensure that the company shall be under full fledged operation for the past six (6 months);
  • Must ensure that the company should comply with the workers’ safety and compensation commission and must be in good standing;
  • Must exhibit proof significant recruitment efforts and recruitment summary;
  • Also, should obtain a positive Service Canada Labor Market Opinion.

Business Stream

Intended for individuals interested to invest in an established territorial business;

  • The business stream customized to improve the Northwest territories economic sector;
  • The core target of the stream are foreign business professionals.
  • If investing in a business in Yellowknife the minimum required investment amount is $300,000 CAD
  • If investing in a business outside Yellowknife the minimum required investment amount is $150,000 CAD
  • The net worth should be a minimum of $500,000 CAD for a business in Yellowknife;
  • The net worth should be a minimum of $250,000 CAD for a business in Yellowknife;
  • The investor shall deposit a refundable amount of $75,000 CAD assuring the execution of the Performance Agreement, signed between the territory the applicant;
  • Should prove market knowledge of the Northwest Territories and their economy;
  • The basic language proficiency in English or French

Even though the process of applying for a Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program 2019 may seem easy and simple, leaving some applicants to submit the applications themselves without seeking a professional help. For those the chances of rejection are higher especially when the application is prepared properly. The Northwest territories set standard are really at its peak.

The success of a Provincial Nominee Program relies much on the documentation process which are complex in real time and usually requires professional guidance.

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