January 6, 2023

What is Significant Benefit Work Permit Program in Canada?

Before being allowed to work in Canada, a foreign national must complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA requirement, however, might only sometimes be necessary if the candidate for employment in Canada offers a sizable benefit.

When choosing whether to allow foreign employees into the nation, Canadian government officials are expected to consider the effects on Canadian workers. A labor market evaluation, also known as a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), is therefore typically necessary. However, there is a "substantial advantage" exemption that allows the LMIA requirement to be disregarded. This is based on the idea that, under these circumstances, the benefits of issuing a work permit would outweigh any potential drawbacks of not following the established system.

These are situations in which an LMIA would typically be necessary. Still, practical considerations—often because of the extensive processing timelines involved with most LMIAs—prevent this from being an option if Canada is to profit. In such circumstances, the other criteria that are generally taken into account when evaluating a work permit application would mitigate in favor of the work permit being granted, aside from the absence of LMIA. These elements could affect the economy and investment in Canada, could disrupt the Canadian labor market, and could affect consumer needs in Canada.


What standards does Canada take into account before granting a work permit with considerable benefits?

Foreign citizens seeking a substantial work visa in Canada must convince the Canadian government that the job they will carry out will significantly enhance Canada's economy, society, or culture. The applicant will need to provide evidence of their accomplishments in their profession.

The criteria that the Canadian government takes into account when determining whether to issue a work permit based on considerable advantage are listed on the website of the immigration department of Canada. The following items are included in the criterion, per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

  • formal academic proof demonstrating the foreign worker's educational credentials in their professional field of expertise;
  • documented evidence from current or previous employers that the foreign worker has considerable full-time working experience (major is defined as ten or more years of work experience);
  • has received international or national honors or patents;
  • involvement in organizations that demand excellence from their members
  • have held a position in which they assessed the work of others;
  • proof that their peers, the government, or professional organizations have recognized their work, achievements, and contributions to their field;
  • evidence of scientific or scholarly contributions in their field;
  • articles in academic or industry journals by the foreign national;
  • A foreign worker held a position of leadership in a well-known organization.
  • Foreign workers who are destined for jobs outside of Quebec with National Occupation Classifications O, A, and B, and who were recruited through Destination Canada or other job fairs coordinated with the federal government and francophone minority communities.


Who Is Eligible for a Significant Benefit Work Permit?

The following people are eligible for a significant benefit work permit:


Intra company transferees

A significant benefit work visa may be given to a foreign national employed by a multinational corporation who wishes to enter Canada to work for a parent, subsidiary, or branch of that corporation. They must be transferred to a position in Canada that is in an executive, senior management, or specialized knowledge role.


Television and film production workers

Workers in the television and film industries who play critical roles in production may be eligible for a significant benefit work permit. According to the IRCC, admitting such workers promotes investment in Canada and generates significant economic benefits for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.


Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers

Those wishing to start a business or work for themselves in Canada may be able to obtain a significant benefit work visa. They must demonstrate to the Canadian government that their operations in Canada will help the economy, society, or culture.


Emergency repair personnel

In order to prevent a disruption in the labor market of the nation, this personnel are needed in Canada to perform urgent repairs to commercial or industrial machinery, even if the equipment is still covered by a warranty.


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