May 7, 2019

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP) 2019

For those aspiring immigrants of Canada who are interested in settling permanently in the province of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is the gateway.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2019 has been inviting applications from non-Canadians and once accepted the immigration office recommends them by issuing nominations so that the federal government of Canada can approve their permanent residency in the country.

Lying bordered by the south of U.S, the official language of Saskatchewan is English. If you are proficient in the English it may turn advantageous in your job search, communication and for better integration in to the Saskatchewan community. Prior to making the decision of leaving your home country prepare yourself on the below points:

  • If you plan to work in a regulated occupation, arrange to obtain the necessary documentary proof of the licensing body from the home country or school;
  • If you need to further upgrade your language skills in English to meet the occupational language requirements for the intended job;
  • Also, the higher level of education that you have received in your home country shall be equated to the Canadian standards.

Being a stable economy promotes the immigration to the province. The province is known as the world’s fifth largest oil producer in North America, exports one-third of the world’s potash and are fifth in providing Uranium as well as the major producer and exporter of agriculture.

The province of Saskatchewan provides:

  • excellent “Quality of Life” and
  • free Medicare and health care services and benefits with no personal premiums or charges;
  • As a part of the “Graduate retention Program” a refund of $20,000cad in the tuition fees are made available to the eligible graduates of designated post-secondary institutions, who are living in Saskatchewan and are positive tax payers;
  • The commutation charges to and from schools and work places are less since the all the major cities are reachable in 20 minutes time;
  • The cost of living as well as affordability of housing are very low compared to the Canadian standards;
  • The public schools are high in their class of education as well as offers them free for the permanent residents/citizens.

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For those interested in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2019 the four programs are as below:

  1. International Skilled Worker Category- for skilled workers outside Canada
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category -for foreigners who are temporary living in Saskatchewan.
  3. Entrepreneur Category - for investors in a Saskatchewan business
  4. Farm Category -for owner/operator categories of experienced farmers

International Skilled Worker Category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2019

Further to stream line the selection of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2019, the International Skilled Worker Category has been classified into three:

  1. International Skilled Worker Category- Express Entry
  2. International Skilled Worker Category- Occupation in Demand
  3. International Skilled Worker Category- Employment Offer

International Skilled Worker Category- Express Entry

For the basic entry to Express Entry Category of the International Skilled Worker Class, the applicant shall be a foreign worker living inside Canada with ample proof of status or outside Canada.

  • Meet the minimum requirements of the federal Express Entry system;
  • Shall be accepted into the Express Entry pool of Candidates and must have an Express Entry profile number as well as the job Seeker Code;
  • The eligible entrants shall also meet at least 60 points out of 100 on the province’s assessment grid;
  • Demonstrate Language eligibility as indicated in the Express Entry profile;
  • Minimum education requirements shall be met and should have the foreign degree established against the Canadian standards from an authorized Canadian assessment agency;
  • Foreign work experience of a minimum of one year in the previous 10 years in non-trade occupations;
  • Foreign work experience of a minimum of two years in the previous 5 years in trades;
  • Canadian Work experience shall be a minimum of one year in the previous 3 years in non-trade or trade Occupations;
  • The high skilled occupation work experience shall match with the Skill level A, B or 0 in the Occupation in Demand list as published by SINP;
  • Regulated occupations shall provide proof of license,
  • Should demonstrate enough settlement funds to establish the applicants in the province.

The application to this category is made by submitting an Expression of Interest to the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program 2019. Expression of Interest is a pre application process only and is not an application to Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program 2019. Once the eligibility criteria are met the candidates issued with an invitation to apply provided the minimum score of 60 out of 100 in the SINP point assessment grid is met. The SINP points are granted satisfying the minimum conditions of the following five factors including the:

  • Age of the applicant;
  • Minimum Education;
  • Work experience;
  • Language proficiency;
  • Adaptability to the labour market conditions of the province.

On getting successfully nominated

  • An additional 600 points will be granted to the applicant who in turn will qualify by default for the permanent residence and
  • The PR application is required to be submitted within 6 months of receiving the SINP nomination approval letter.
  • The federal government will do the final assessment of the PR application mainly the back ground and health check, criminal inadmissibility records etc.,
  • Once the assessment is met the PR visa will be issued for the applicant as well as any accompanying dependent family members.

International Skilled Worker Category- Occupation in Demand

International Skilled Worker Category- Occupation in Demand category is for skilled workers without a job offer from designated employer in Saskatchewan as well as are occupied in the skilled work which is listed in their in-demand occupation list. The application process is similar to that of the International Skilled Worker Category Express Entry sub-category.

The Occupation in Demand list includes the NOC codes and the below listed occupations:

International Skilled Worker Category- Employment Offer

The International Skilled Worker Category- Employment Offer sub category is mainly for those applicants who have secured a job offer from a designated Canadian employer.

Requirements of Job Offer

  • The job offershall be for full-time, permanent employment
  • NOC Matrix level "0", "A" or "B" occupation or;
  • Job skill level shall match a designated trade in Saskatchewan
  • wages and working conditions should match Canadian standards in that occupation
  • Language proficiency of minimum CLB 4 shall be met;
  • The job offer shall be approved by SINP before applying for this SINP subcategory;
  • The employer shall register for the approval of the job offer in the employer portal of SINP
  • On approval the employer will be issued with an Approval letter indicating the job details;
  • The Job Approval letter shall be submitted along with the SINP application.

b. Saskatchewan Experience Category

Saskatchewan Experience Category of the SINP mainly targets those foreign workers who are currently working and living in Canada. The workers shall have a valid work permit as well.

Under this category the streams to which applications can be made includes:

  • Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with existing work permit
  • Health Professional
  • Hospitality Sector Project
  • Long Haul Driver Project
  • Students

Need to determine your eligibility for these programs? Do get in touch with Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai through our we query form for a detailed assessment of your profile.

c. Entrepreneur Category

Entrepreneur Category is intended mainly for those owner/operators who wish to migrate to Saskatchewan under the business investment option.

The minimum entry requirement for Entrepreneur Category of the SINP nomination program you must:

  • Minimum personal as well as business net worth of CAD $500,000
  • Minimum three years of owning and operating a business in the last ten years;
  • Investment requirement in Regina shall be around CAD $300,000 and Saskatoon;
  • Investment requirement in other cities or a minimum of CAD $200,000 shall be demonstrated.

d. Farm Owner/Operator Category

If you have enough experience in farming and have the assets and funds to begin a farming operation in Saskatchewan, the Farm Owner/Operator Category is your right choice.

To know more on the funds, application process, assessment points and the perfect category of your application, connect with Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai UAE. Our team of expert immigration consultants will help you decide the correct pathway for your Canadian migration.

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