July 31, 2019

Quebec Investor Visa

Quebec is a dynamic as well as modern province with high end lifestyle.  The province provides best infrastructure’s, excellent education system and provides excellent higher education system.

Quebec’s strong multiculturalism makes the province immensely welcoming for the new immigrants.  The province also provides a healthy living in terms of cleaner environment, air and water as well as safe and secured communities for individual and family integration.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is intended for Business owners, directors and managers an opportunity to move permanently to Canada along with their family. The permanent residence is processed within 2-3 years from applying. Even though Quebec is French-speaking province, the business community mainly speaks English especially in the city of Montreal.

The provincial investor program offered by Quebec does not require the applicant to meet the age and language criteria, the Quebec Investor program is the most sought out investor program among the provinces. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program’s threshold is 1900 fresh application between September 10, 2018 through August 31, 2019.  This includes 1235 applications from in this the applicants from China, Macau/Hong Kong constitutes around 1235 while the rest of the 665 applications is from the rest of the world.

The successful applicants of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program must reside in the largest Canadian province.

Quebec Investor Program advantages

  • Risk free Investment
  • Guaranteed return of the invested amount after the agreed term of investment
  • Passive investment
  • Dependent family members also get permanent residence
  • Benefits of permanent resident status can be enjoyed
  • Citizenship of Canada

Eligibility Condition of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

  • The applicant or spouse should hold legally acquired minimum net assets of C$2,000,000;
  • Should investment an amount of C$1,200,000 with Investissement Québec - Immigrants Investisseurs Inc for a five-year term;
  • The investment of C$1,200,000 will be returned to the applicant at the end of the five-year term by the Investissement Québec - Immigrants Investisseurs Inc
  • The amount should exclude any donations received prior to 6 months of the application;
  • Should have managerial experience of minimum 2 years in the past five years prior to the submission of the application;
  • The experience shall not include any experience acquired in an apprenticeship, training or specialization leading to a diploma
  • Establish the intention to settle in Quebec
  • An agreement of investment shall be signed with an authorized financial intermediary

Legally acquired net worth for investment

The minimum investment net worth of $2,000,000 shall be acquired legally by the applicant or the dependent spouse. Documental evidence of the funds acquisition— the past employment income, businesses, market conditions, inheritances and donations will be considered.

The net worth can be proved by financial statements provided by the banks, investor portfolios, real estate net worth assessment, etc and all the liabilities shall also be documented.

Previous Business Experience

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program’s established minimum requirement for the applicant is the acquired full-time management experience of twenty-four months in the previous five years.

The earned business experience required for the program should include the below areas of entrepreneurship like— Planning, management, human and material resources as well as financial resources control, execution, monitoring etc.

A commercial business, a private enterprise or partnership business would contribute more to the criteria.  Only legitimate experience will be counted.

Other Eligibility Criteria

Apart from the minimum requirements mentioned above, the other criteria which influence the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program include— education, training, management experience, age, French or English language ability, stay as well as the presence of family in Quebec.

The Quebec Immigrant Investors are granted points based on six factors under the Quebec Economic immigration selection point system.

  • The minimum score required is 40 points with or without a spouse
  • The maximum score available is 94 points with or without a spouse

Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa application process

Step -1

Document arrangement on all eligibility factors and conditions like personal net worth, managerial experience, legal or gradual accumulation history of all assets. Application package is submitted to approved licensed financial intermediary

Step -2

The approved licensed financial intermediary reviews the completed application for compliance. Then it is submitted to the immigration Quebec. A file number is assigned within 30 days of receiving the application.

Step -3

The candidate receives an interview notice or an interview waiver notice within 12 months of submission of the application. The investment shall be made on the receipt of the interview notification. Decision on the application is made within30 days from the date of interview or receipt of the interview waiver notice.

Step 4-

Candidates with a positive decision on their applications shall invest the amount within 110 days.

Step 5-

A Certificate of Quebec Selection will be issued to the candidate for applying permanent residence at the federal immigration office;

Step 6-

The federal government review the immigration permanent residence application for the applicant’s background check, criminal and medical inadmissibility;

Step 7 -

The finalized applications are approved for permanent residence. Normally applicants from North America, Western Europe and South America will receive the confirmation of permanent residence within 12 months’ time while those from China will take around 44 months federally. While the provincial processing will take around 9 to 12 months’ time.

Canada citizenship—Quebec investment program

The Quebec investor visa immigrant and families are granted citizenship in Canada after they successfully reside in the country for around 2 years. Inorder to eligible for Canadian citizenship the investors must live in Canada for at least 1460 days (four years) during the six-year period prior to the submission of the citizenship application. The approval of Canadian citizenship will automatically make a person eligible for Canadian passport. The Canadian passport offer visa free travel or visa on arrival in 172 countries.

To know more on the Quebec immigration Investor Program, connect with Pelican Migration Consultant. Our Canada investor expert will walk you through the detailed requirement of the program. Also, we will provide you with the program assessment and next steps in achieving the Canadian Permanent residency and citizenship thereafter.

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