June 20, 2022

Is Portugal A Viable Immigration Destination In 2022?

The year 2022 is a great time to think about moving to Portugal. Portugal is rapidly becoming one of Europe's most popular relocation destinations. This little Atlantic country has a lot to offer, from beautiful areas like the Algarve, Silver Coast, and Madeira to substantial tax breaks for remote workers and online business owners. Furthermore, Portugal boasts one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe.

Those who migrate to Portugal for the long term can apply for Portuguese citizenship after only five years, making it one of the shortest processes in the European Union. Dual citizenship may provide you with a slew of advantages, including enhanced travel flexibility, better tax planning opportunities, improved quality of life, and access to a haven.

With an EU passport, you'll have complete freedom of travel throughout the Eurozone. This encompasses not only the freedom to travel, but also the complete rights to live, work, study, and retire in any EU country.


Why is Portugal such an excellent place to settle down?


If you're thinking to yourself, "I'd want to relocate to Portugal, but I'm not sure how secure it is," rest assured that you have nothing to fear. Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe, and the 2020 Global Peace Index ranked it the third safest country in the world.

As a result, individuals prefer to relocate to this picturesque corner of Europe for a variety of reasons.


The culture of Portugal is broad and rich. They are beautifully woven into life in Portugal today, with a rich history that has absorbed influences from many different civilizations. Despite being primarily a Roman Catholic country, Portugal's culture is influenced by Moorish, Germanic, and even Viking traditions. The Portuguese culture has evolved into a distinct one, including everything from art to literature, cuisine, and music.

Portugal offers it all if you're looking for a country with a strong culture and national identity.

Cost of living

Portugal's cost of living is generally believed to be lower than that of North America and most of its northern European peers. While the cost of property varies greatly depending on where you choose to live, there are certain spots where you may get a good deal. Property prices in cities like Lisbon and Porto, as well as sections of the Algarve, might be your largest outlay, whether you are renting or purchasing.

Quality of life

Portugal's major advantage over other countries is its high quality of life. The weather, cost of living, and quality of life are all factors that attract retirees to Portugal. Families make similar decisions. Moving to Portugal allows people to get away from the rat race and live a more peaceful lifestyle, whether they are still working or retired. Sure, things won't always go according to plan, but for the most part, life moves at a slower pace.

An ideal location for retirees

Portugal is quickly becoming the most popular retirement destination in Europe and the United States. With its pleasant temperature, low cost of living, and high quality of life, an increasing number of individuals are selecting Portugal as a place to spend their formative years.


Portugal isn't only for retirees and digital nomads, though. Portugal is a highly family-friendly country, and children are welcome at any time of day or night. It is fairly uncommon to see Portuguese families, including children, having meals with friends and relatives in restaurants beyond 9 p.m. on weekends.


Another reason individuals want to relocate to Portugal is its geographical position. Because London is only two and a half hours away by plane, it is incredibly accessible. Ireland and the rest of Europe are also easily accessible, and there are several direct flights to and from Lisbon.

Because Portugal is easily accessible from other regions of Europe, many with short travel durations, office meetings within Europe are possible for people still working. For retirees, the short travel time appeals to relatives and friends who wish to come during the summer vacation.

Local Produce

Another advantage to considering moving to Portugal is the availability and diversity of high-quality local products. You've never tasted an orange-like one produced in the Algarve. Or olives harvested and prepared locally.

Almost every town or city has a fresh produce market where you can get the greatest fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes the size of a small melon is not uncommon, nor are they the largest green peppers I've ever seen. The colors are a kaleidoscope, and you simply know it's going to be fresh and tasty.

The Labor Market

Portugal's job market, like the nation itself, is welcoming and competitive. Moving to Portugal right now is a fantastic investment. As a result of the improving economy, many new startups and IT businesses are blossoming. Naturally, studying Portuguese will help you open new opportunities. Let's go a little further into the market.

Expats are welcome in the IT industry and online businesses. Other, more traditional businesses, on the other hand, frequently require Portuguese proficiency. Even if you don't know the language, if you speak several languages, you may be able to get work in the tourism business. And with a country like Portugal luring visitors, there is no shortage of such opportunities.

In Portugal, every worker is expected to contribute to social security. The contribution ensures Portuguese Social Security coverage in the following scenarios:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Leaves for maternity and paternity
  • The elderly pension
  • The Perks of Illness and Disease
  • Benefits payable upon death
  • Invalidity
  • Workplace accidents and other health problems


Migrate to Portugal

There are numerous types of visas available to visit Portugal, but if you want to remain longer than 90 days, you'll need to apply for a resident visa. Learn everything there is to know about them:

Entrepreneur Visa

As long as certain conditions are met, the Entrepreneur Visa can help you get a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) by establishing a real or virtual enterprise or organization in Portugal.

D7 Visa

The Portugal D7 Visa supports you in acquiring a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) based on a proven source of income (retirement, pensions, rented real estate, investments, and so on) and completing certain requirements.

Freelance Visa

A Freelance Visa can assist you in obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as proof of a self-employed professional or trade function working for himself and registered in Portugal.

To obtain a visa for Portugal, you must,

  • abide by the terms of the visa you've chosen (enrolling at a university in Portugal, buying a house, getting a job, opening a company, and so on).
  • Make an appointment with VFS Global, show up for the interview, and bring the necessary paperwork to verify everything is in order.
  • Wait for the visa to be placed into the passport.


Documents have to be shown while applying for a visa

Although the list of papers varies slightly based on the visa chosen, some are universal. Consider the following scenario:

  • Medical and repatriation emergency coverage is included in international travel medical insurance. Your native nation will give you a criminal certificate (and newly visited)
  • Permission to consult with Portuguese criminal records has been granted by the SEF.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Portugal
  • Your passport must be valid for the entire time you are in the country.

In addition to all of these papers, keep in mind that you must meet the conditions before applying for a certain visa. For example, to obtain a work visa, you must be employed by a firm in Portugal. If you desire a study visa, you must first enroll at a university. To obtain a business visa, you must first establish a firm in Portugal.


How can I move to Portugal?

Immigrants seeking new opportunities or investments in Portugal can take advantage of the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), which can be renewed and converted into a Permanent Residence Permit and Portuguese Citizenship. The procedure, however, is not as simple as it appears. Understanding the many regulations and policies of various categories may be challenging unless you have someone's experience and assistance. We assist you with your migration to Portugal and provide migrate-to-Portugal services as the top Portugal Immigration Consultants in Dubai, taking responsibility for the whole administration of your application to ensure that your case progresses smoothly.

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