October 26, 2023

Portugal D7 Visa Requirements in 2023.

The Portuguese government first made it possible for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens to apply for temporary residency in Portugal in 2007 with the introduction of the D7 Visa, often known as the Retirement Visa or Passive Income Visa. It is used to qualify for citizenship and a permit for long-term residence. The D7 visa grants applicants and their families permission to live legally in Portugal. To help Portugal's economy, it aims to draw in wealthy foreigners.


What Are The D7 Visa's General Visa Requirements?

You must ensure that you satisfy all of the general visa requirements for the D7 Visa. The following criteria apply to visas:

  • You'll need a NIF in Portuguese (Tax number)
  • A Portuguese bank account is required
  • You will have to demonstrate your financial independence.
  • You must present documentation of your accommodations.
  • You need complete health insurance
  • You must not have any criminal history.
  • You must comply with the required minimum stay

You'll need a NIF in Portuguese (Tax number)

A Portuguese tax identification number will be required. By using a power of attorney, it can be carried out remotely without your presence in Portugal. You cannot do any fiscal business in Portugal without a tax identification number.

A Portuguese bank account is required

You can open a Portuguese bank account online after you have a NIF. Applicants who are single must make sure they have a deposit of at least €7,000 in their bank account. A minimum of €10 500 or more must be deposited into the bank accounts of married couples.

You will have to demonstrate your financial independence.

You must demonstrate your financial stability and ability to support yourself (and your spouse, if applicable) while residing in Portugal in order to be granted a resident visa. As a result, you will be required to show proof to the Portuguese immigration authorities in the form of all pertinent documentation (recurring income, sizable savings, or a mix of the two).

You must present documentation of your accommodations.

Booking suitable lodging is a requirement before visiting Portugal. Although purchasing a home is not required, you must have a long-term renting agreement (minimum 12 months).

You need complete health insurance

The main applicant must have comprehensive health insurance that covers the entire EU, including any dependents. Keep in mind that you must pay for the medical insurance in advance (12 months). Each applicant is required to carry at least €30 000 in medical insurance.

You must not have any criminal history.

If your criminal record is not completely clear, your application will be turned down. Get your criminal history before starting the application process as a consequence.

You must comply with the required minimum stay

You must stay in the nation for at least 16 months during the first two years of your D7 residence permit. Additionally, you must stay in the nation for 28 months during each successive three-year period. Your residence permit may be revoked if you are gone for six months straight.

You must stay for at least 30 months within each 5-year period in order to qualify for the permanent residence that the D7 offers. Your residence permit could be revoked if you go missing for 25 months straight.

Remember that there are specific situations, such as professional obligations and cases of force majeure, where the absence durations may be exceeded.


What Are The Requirements For  Passive Income?

You must present documentation demonstrating your financial stability in order for your D7 Visa application to be approved. You must be able to fully support yourself on your passive income without having to rely on a salary. The Portuguese immigration authorities may want you to provide documentation of your additional savings even though there is no minimum threshold for your net worth.

Requirements for Passive Income for Single Applicants

Single candidates must produce and show proof of an annualized passively generated income of at least €8,460 (€705 per month) for singles.

Requirements for Passive Income for Married Couples

The minimum passive income needed for a dependent adult when requesting a D7 Visa jointly is 50%. Monthly payment of €352,5 more is needed for the dependent adult. This works out to $4,230 yearly for your spouse. Therefore, you'll need a total of €12 690 every year for you, your spouse, and any adults who are dependent on you.

Requirements for Passive Income for Children

Children under the age of 18 must have a minimal amount of passive income, which works out to €211,5 each month or €2,538 annually. This amount is approximately 30% of the total necessary passive income for the primary application.

Requirements for Passive Income for Elderly Parents

Applicants can seek their parents' dependency residency status if their parents are financially dependent. Applicants are required to fully support and house them (i.e., you or your spouse's parents must reside with you). Once you've relocated and established yourself, you can apply.


How Pelican Migration Consultants can assist you?

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