October 28, 2023

Poland Grants Most Residence Permits; Indians Top Benefactors.

In the ever-changing landscape of immigration, Poland stands tall as the European Union's top issuer of first residence permits to immigrants from outside the EU. Recent data released by Eurostat, the EU's statistics agency, reveals that Poland has once again topped the list, granting almost one million first residence permits in the last year. Among the vast group of people seeking temporary residence in Poland, Indians have emerged as significant benefactors.


Poland's Dominance in Residence Permits

For five consecutive years, Poland has maintained its position as the EU's leader in granting residence permits. In 2021, the country issued an astounding 967,345 permits, representing one-third of all permits issued across the EU. This figure surpasses any other member state by more than double. Remarkably, Poland issued 25.6 permits per 1,000 population, ranking second only to Malta (27.7) and slightly ahead of Cyprus (24.6) concerning permits relative to its population.

Comparing permit numbers over the years, Poland witnessed a 62% rise in permits compared to 2020. The highest annual figure to date was just under 600,000 permits issued in 2019. This consistency in granting permits has been a trend since 2017 when Poland surpassed all other EU member states, except for the UK, which has since left the EU.


The Role of Indians in Poland's Immigration Landscape

Among the immigrants seeking temporary residence in Poland, Indians have emerged as one of the largest groups. In 2021, a significant proportion of the permits (0.8%) were granted to Indian citizens. The majority of permits (82%) were issued for employment purposes, distinguishing Poland from other high-immigration countries like Spain, France, and Germany, where family or educational reasons accounted for a more substantial share of permits.


Impact of Ukrainian and Belarusian Immigration

Poland's immigration landscape has witnessed a significant influx of Ukrainians in recent years, making them the largest immigrant group in the country. This surge was further fueled by the Russian aggression on Ukraine, leading millions of Ukrainians to seek refuge in Poland. According to estimates, over one million Ukrainians currently remain in Poland as refugees.

Additionally, Belarusians have contributed to the rising immigration numbers in Poland. Since 2020, the number of Belarusians arriving in the country has accelerated, driven by the political situation in Belarus and the regime's crackdown on protests.


The Evolving Demographics of Poland

The impact of immigration on Poland's demographics cannot be overlooked. At the end of 2019, Poland's statistical office estimated that around one million foreigners were residing in the country, constituting approximately 5% of the population. Considering the continuous influx of immigrants, this figure is likely to have increased significantly in recent years.

In conclusion, Poland's position as the EU's leading issuer of first residence permits to immigrants from outside the EU is a testament to the country's growing attractiveness as a destination for many seeking better opportunities and a new life. Indians, along with Ukrainians and Belarusians, have played a vital role in shaping Poland's immigration landscape and enriching its cultural fabric.


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