May 2, 2019

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Canada’s east-central province of Ontario ranks first among the top immigration destination. It has been a hub of various migrated communities. The city of Toronto has opened its arms to thousands of migrants in the past years and the inflow continues without any hurdles.

The province is also home to Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. The cities of Ontario catch the top in the chart being the most populous, vibrant, progressive as well as colorful. The city of Barrie is the safe place to live and raise a family.

Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai is a premium immigration consultant that offers Canadian Permanent Residency in Ontario through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019. We are more than happy to announce that more migrants are being accepted into the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

Through the well-established Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program around 7600 nominations are expected to be issued this year in 2019 to meet the strong demand of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2019.

The last year the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program issued around 6850 nominations for Permanent residents. Through all the nine provincial nominations and two territorial nominations the Canada as a nation target around 61,000 applications for permanent residence.

The major feature of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 is the targeted quota of around 6650 applications for the Human Capital Priority Stream—the most important category of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

The highlights of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 as well as the Human Capital Priority stream includes:

  • The applicant must apply only through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry stream which was launched in January 2015;
  • The candidates will only be able to apply to this program only after receiving a notification of Interest through their Express Entry Profile
  • The Express Entry is an online system where all the eligible applications from the candidates will be placed in a common pool and competes against each other based on certain scores known as the Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS);
  • Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS) are scores given to rank each individual applicant in the pool based on certain factors like age, education, work experience, adaptability, as well as language proficiency;
  • The candidates who meets the minimum points –the Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS) as prescribed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada during the regular draws of applications conducted are Issued an invitation to Apply (ITA);
  • Following this the final phase of the application process happens after a scrutiny of the submitted information in the online profile, PR applications and the documents the final decision on permanent residency is made.

We Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai offers assessment of your eligibility for Canadian Permanent Residence through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

Focusing the selection criteria for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 based on the Human Capital Stream:

  • Meeting eligibility for any one of the federal Skilled programs of Canada namely the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is mainly intended for the international skilled workers while the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) targets those temporary workers and students in living in Canada.
    2. The applicants wishing to apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) must meet the minimum points of 67 based on IRCC’s preliminary selection factors;
    3. The preliminary selection factors are language skills in English/French, education either in Canadian/international, work experience Canadian/international, age, arranged employment in Canada from a
    Canadian employer, and adaptability;
  • Should meet the Human Capital stream's work experience requirements;
  • The highest educational qualification if taken from a country outside Canada shall be evaluated to Canadian standards after assessing by an authorized Canadian agency;
  • Should be proficient in either English or French and must demonstrate this through the Canadian Language Benchmark of CLB 7 or more in each of the section like writing, reading, speaking and listening;
  • The proficiency can be demonstrated by either International English Language Testing System IELTS/ Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada TEF/CELPIP examinations reports which is a mandatory requirement;
  • Documentation proof shall be provided for the intention to reside in Ontario to prove the ties to Canada;
  • Shall obtain a minimum CRS score under the Express Entry system as specified earlier;
  • Hold enough funds to cover settlement expenses in Ontario. The required settlement funds must be equal to or greater than the sums listed for each family size.
    Requirements for settlement funds are updated annually.

If your destination is Ontario, we Pelican Migration Consultant have the right program for you.

Being a part of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 rightfully choose you for the Canadian permanent residency:

The program will mainly benefit those especially for those applicants who:

  1. Had an unproductive immigration application earlier;
  2. Has a low score in the current Express Pool;

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 adds up additional 600 points spiking their chances of getting nominated for permanent residence at the earliest.

Requirements of Work Experience


  • Should demonstrate continuous, full-time paid work fora minimum of one year, or part-time equivalent, within the past five years in Canada or abroad;
  • The Full-time work should be for a minimum of 30 hours per week in the same job and should consists at least 1,560 hours of paid employment in one year.
  • The 1,560 hours of paid employment in one year shall not be any voluntary work;
  • There should not be any gaps in the employment; Multiple jobs can be considered while with no gaps in them;
  • Also the job must in the same NOC National Occupational Classification for the minimum one year as declared in the Expression of Interest profile of the Express Entry;
  • The Part-time work is that of minimum 15 hours per week in one paid job with a minimum of 1560 hours in two years or 24 months;
  • The Part-time work is that of minimum 30 hours per week in one paid job with a minimum of 1560 hours in one year or 12 months;
  • The occupation shall be classified under the NOC Type/Level 0, A or B;


The applicants can also claim work experience even if they are self-employed in their country of residence/citizenship.

  • The experience must be paid, full-time or equal to part time in Skill Level A or B or Skill type 0 based on the NOC.
  • Documentation proof of the self-employment shall be provided for the same which can be verified through third parties like invoice copies etc.
  • Working hours must be quantifiable to demonstrate that the applicant have worked for at least 1560 hours for over one year of employment;
  • No reference letters written by the applicant’s themselves The OINP will not accept reference letters written for candidates by the candidates' themselves, business partners and family members will be accepted by the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019 begins with the profile in the Canadian Express Entry system. Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai’s immigration consultants provides the best advice on how to proceed with your Express Entry application such that you get qualified for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

Human Capital Priorities Stream Application Process

For the Human Capital Priorities Stream, the applicant must receive a Notification of interest from Ontario Immigration through their active Express Entry Profile to be eligible to apply for the stream.

While the Notification of interest is valid only for 45 calendar days from its issuance.

  • Satisfying the preliminary eligibility criteria of the Federal Skilled Worker or the Canadian Experience Class.
  • Creation of an Express Entry profile.
  • Identification of applicant in the Express Entry pool;
  • Issuance and receipt of NOI from the Ontario Immigration;
  • Application submission within 45 calendar days on receipt of the NOI to the Ontario Immigration under the Human Capital Priorities Stream;
  • Nomination and issuance of Nomination Approval Letter and email issuance of the an OINP Certificate. 30 calendar days are available for the candidates to accept the nomination in their Express Entry profile;
  • Acceptance of nomination and issuance of Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence;
  • Final submission of federal Permanent Residence application within 60 days of receiving the ITA.

To begin your application process on Canadian migration to the province of Ontario Contact Pelican Migration consultants in Dubai starting from your initial assessment until the landing procedures. Speak with us today on all your immigration concerns!!!

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