May 2, 2019

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Canada’s immigration dates to thousands of years and its still have been an immigrant friendly country which continuously enhances and updates the immigration process and procedures till date. The country has been an immigration friendly nation since then.

The major category of Canadian immigration, which the migrant community feels attracted to is the Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). The Canadian Permanent Residence has been a very successful as well as the most rewarding part of the Canadian immigration.

  1. Each successful immigrant to Canada is awarded the Permanent Residency (PR) visa for a duration of five years.
  2. More than that the immigrant is given a confirmation on Permanent Residence valid for a period of one year, prior to landing in Canada
  3. This one-year period will enable them to complete the transition in the new country as well settling things back in the homeland.
  4. On successful completion of the minimum two years of Permanent residency the PR will become eligible for Canadian Citizenship;
  5. A Canadian PR enjoys most of the rights like Canadian citizen except the voting rights in elections and entry to jobs which needs high end security clearances’;
  6. The major attraction of the PR’s is the granting of the family visa for settling in Canada;
  7. Other benefits include:
     Free public education for children,
     Free health care,
     The right to live, study and work anywhere in Canada,
     Unemployment benefits,
     Social Insurance;
     Child care benefits for each child etc.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program 2019 details

The Nova Scotia province is known for keeping its “Quality” in all aspect of life along maintaining a balance life. The province is characterized by around 7400 km of coastline. It is one of Canada’s affordable province in terms of the cost of living and affordability to buy a home.

Different from all its faced paced counterparts, the province provides ample time for the families to bond with each other.

Through the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program 2019, you will be able to successfully secure a Permanent Residence in the province.

The application process for the provincial nomination entirely depends on the stream of the program. The main streams are:

  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  •  Physician
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Skilled Worker

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities 2019

The open stream of Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities is intended mainly for those applicants who are in the Canadian federal Express Entry pool. In order to be selected for the Express Entry pool the applicant shall meet the minimum requirements indicated by the federal government of Canada as well as shall meet the minimum labour market demands of the Nova Scotia provincial government to successfully place an application for nomination. However, no direct application to the provincial government stream is possible. The applicants who received a Letter of Interest from the immigration Nova Scotia will be entitled to apply for permanent residence.

Letter of Interest will be issued only those applicants

  • An active Express Entry profile,
  • minimum labour market demands of the Nova Scotia,
  • who have indicated their interest in moving to Nova Scotia in Express Entry

The stream mainly works without a job offer.

The conditions that makes an applicant eligible to apply includes:

  1. Receipt of the Letter of Interest (LOI) from the Nova Scotia nominee program through the Express Entry system;
  2. Successful application submission within 30 calendar daysfrom the issuance of Letter of Interest (LOI);
  3. The applicant shall be qualified for the Express entry stream;
  4. Eligibility to prove the availability of settlement funds in order to establish the applicant and dependents in the province;
  5. Meeting the language proficiency requirements of Canadian Language Benchmark score (CLB)7 or higher in French as the official first language in all language aptitudes;
  6. Meeting the language proficiency requirements of Canadian Language Benchmark score (CLB) 5 or higher in English as the second official language in all language aptitudes;
  7. Graduated in bachelor’s or have successfully completed a higher education program of either three or more years.

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The Entrepreneur Stream as well as the International Graduate Entrepreneur streams are the main two streams that invites applications without a job offer in Nova Scotia. However, both provides investment opportunities in the province. The main conditions that qualifies an applicant are:

  • Must be at least 21 years at the time of submission of application;
  • Prove the intention to permanently live and run a business in the province;
  • have at least one year or more in entrepreneurship or
  • a minimum 5 years of more in a senior position;
  • Minimum score in all the language abilities in English or French as CLB 5 or more;Expression of interest shall be submitted online;

The categories of Nova Scotia Nominee Program 2019 which requires a Job offer from a designated Provincial Employer and is aligned with the federal Express Entry are listed below:

NS Demand: Express Entry Category

  • It is an online stream aligned with the Express Entry system of federal government;
  • Considers only certain occupations based on the current demands of the province’s labour market.

Further the stream has 2 categories;

  • Category A is intended for applicants having a job offer which is opened through put the year.
  • Category B is for applicants with an experience in an occupation allowing only controlled intake of applications.

NS Experience: Express Entry Stream

It is also accepting an online application and needs the applicant to register in the federal government’s express entry system.

  • The applicant shall be ages between 21 to 55 years;
  • Must have a minimum one-year Nova Scotia work experience;
  • Education equivalent to Canadian high school;
  • CLB 5 language ability in French for NOC B level occupations or CLB 7 for skilled worker in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) level 0 and A.

The categories of Nova Scotia Nominee Program 2019 which requires a Job offer from a designated Provincial Employer and is non-aligned with the federal Express Entry, but purely based on provincial nomination are listed below:

1.Skilled Worker Stream

Targets the hiring of international workers and international graduate students meeting the below eligibility conditions:

  1. Age 21-55 years;
  2. Job offer on a full-time permanent position from a designated employer in Nova Scotia;
  3. Minimum one-year experience in the offered job;
  4.  Certifications, training as well as skills for the offered job;
  5. Completed a minimum condition of high school diploma;
  6.  Language proficiency level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French.
  7. Necessary settlement funds to completely live and work in the province.

2.Physician Stream

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program 2019, Physician Stream is inviting applications only from those fulfilling the below criteria’s:

  1. general practitioners and family physicians with the National Occupation Classification (NOC 3112) and
  2. specialist physicians National Occupation Classification (NOC 3111);
  3. signed contracts with either one of the employers in the health sector mainly the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre (IWK) or Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA).

How to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence from your home country?

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