October 21, 2023

No Work Permit Required For Remote Work In Poland

The landscape of work has drastically changed in recent years, with the rise of remote work opportunities opening doors for professionals around the world. For those seeking a vibrant European destination to pursue their remote careers, Poland presents an enticing option. In a progressive move, the Polish Ministry of Family and Social Policy has declared that foreigners intending to work remotely for employers without a legal presence in Poland do not require a work permit. This groundbreaking decision brings forth numerous benefits for foreign employers and workers alike. In this article, we will delve into the details of this policy, and its implications, and shed light on the process of legalizing one's stay in Poland for remote work purposes.


Remote Work and Its Unique Legal Nature

Remote work transcends the boundaries of traditional employment, offering flexibility and independence to professionals. Unlike posting an employee, which requires physical presence at a specific location, remote work is not tied to a particular territory, labor market, or economy. This key distinction underscores the separate treatment of remote work and the exemption of work permits. Poland acknowledges this divergence and recognizes that remote work can be performed from anywhere, making it an attractive option for foreign employers seeking global talent.


Advantages for Foreign Employers and Workers

The decision by the Polish Ministry of Family and Social Policy holds immense advantages for both foreign employers and workers. Firstly, it enables employers to tap into a diverse pool of talent from around the world without the burden of navigating complex work permit procedures. This facilitates faster recruitment processes and provides access to highly skilled professionals who can contribute remotely to the growth of businesses in Poland.

Similarly, foreign workers residing in Poland benefit from this policy as it allows them to pursue remote work opportunities without the need for a work permit. This provides individuals with the freedom to choose their place of residence within Poland while capitalizing on international work opportunities. Moreover, this development is particularly significant given the current influx of workers from Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict. It opens avenues for Ukrainian workers to contribute remotely to Polish businesses without facing unnecessary legal hurdles.


Legalizing Stay for Remote Workers

While the exemption of work permits for remote work in Poland is a promising development, there remains an important consideration for remote workers: the legalization of their stay in the country. While Ukrainian citizens currently enjoy automatic legal residence in Poland, other nationalities may need to navigate the visa and residence permit process.

Polish legislation does not explicitly recognize remote work for a foreign employer as grounds for granting a visa or a residence permit, unlike some other countries. However, foreign remote workers can still seek a long-term visa and a temporary residence permit by declaring their purpose under the "other" category in the application. It is crucial to clearly demonstrate an objective for the stay in Poland, such as personal, cultural, or material ties, in order to increase the chances of a successful application. The decision on granting these documents is discretionary, making it essential to provide compelling evidence supporting the purpose of the stay.


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