March 9, 2024

New Pathway to Canada: IRCC Releases Details for Temporary PR for Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has opened its doors to Colombian, Haitian, and Venezuelan nationals seeking permanent residence (PR) in Canada through a new temporary humanitarian pathway. This program, announced in October 2023, aims to reunite families and offer a safe haven for individuals facing challenging situations in their home countries.

This blog provides a comprehensive breakdown of the program’s details, including eligibility criteria, application process, and important considerations.

Who is eligible?

There are two main sets of eligibility criteria: one for the “anchor”, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident sponsoring the application, and one for “principal applicant”, the individual seeking the PR.

Eligibility for the Principal Applicant

  1. Citizenship: Be a citizen of Colombia, Haiti, or Venezuela.
  2. Location: Be physically present in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, or Mexico at the time of application.
  3. Family Ties: Have a close family connection to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (“anchor”). This includes spouse, common - law partner, children (regardless of age), grandchildren, parents, grandparents, or siblings.
  4. Application Method: Submit an online application through the IRCC website or use an alternate format if online access is unavailable.
  5. Residence: Intend to reside in any province or territory other than Quebec.
  6. Travel Documents: Possess a valid travel document or provide alternative documentation if obtaining one is not feasible.
  7. Financial Support: Provide a statutory declaration from the anchor guaranteeing financial support for one year for the principal applicant and their accompanying family members.
  8. Financial Compensation: The anchor cannot accept any financial compensation from the applicant or their family.

Eligibility for Accompanying Family Members

  1. Application Inclusion: Be listed within the principal applicant's PR application. This applies to all family members, whether accompanying or not.
  2. Family Definition: Meet the legal definition of a family member as established by IRCC.
  3. Provincial Preference: Intend to reside in a province or territory in Canada excluding Quebec.
  4. Travel Documentation: Possess a valid travel document as outlined in Canadian regulations.
  5. Admissibility: Not be deemed inadmissible to immigrate to Canada, with the exception of inadmissibility solely due to financial reasons.

Acceptable Proof of Canadian Status for the Anchor

  1. Citizenship: A photocopy of the anchor's Canadian citizenship certificate or card (both sides), birth certificate, or passport bio-data page.
  2. Permanent Residency: A photocopy of the anchor's permanent resident card (PR card), Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), or record of landing.

Important Note: If you have another active PR application with IRCC under a different category (e.g., family class), your application under this new pathway will continue to be processed while IRCC coordinates with the office handling your other application.

The Application Process

Applications for this temporary PR pathway opened on November 17, 2023, and will remain open for one year or until the application cap of 3,500 principal applicants is reached. This program aims to support 11,000 eligible applicants and their families.

Upon successful application, IRCC will verify medical and criminal background checks and travel document validity. If everything is in order, a permanent resident visa and COPR will be issued for the principal applicant and accompanying family members.

Successful applicants will be eligible for pre-arrival and post-arrival settlement services, including resettlement assistance and a transportation loan to help ease travel costs.

To learn more and explore your eligibility, we highly recommend visiting the official IRCC website for comprehensive details and application procedures or contacting a qualified immigration consultant.

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

  1. Top-notch healthcare and education: Enjoy peace of mind with excellent healthcare and education systems.
  2. Thriving job market: Find your dream career in Canada's strong and diverse economy.
  3. Welcoming and inclusive: Feel at home in Canada's multicultural society that embraces diversity.
  4. Breathtaking nature: Explore Canada's stunning landscapes and diverse natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens if my application is incomplete or missing documents?

IRCC will contact you if your application is incomplete and request the missing documents. It's crucial to submit all required documents within the specified timeframe to avoid delays in processing.

2. How long will the processing time take?

Standard processing times are not yet available for this new pathway. However, you can check IRCC's website for updates or inquire during your consultation with an immigration professional.

3. What happens if my medical exam or criminal background check reveals issues?

IRCC will assess the situation based on the specific details. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may be required to undergo further medical examinations or provide additional information.

4. What are the next steps after receiving my permanent residence visa?

Once you receive your permanent resident visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), you will need to activate your permanent resident status by landing in Canada within the specified timeframe. After landing, you can begin the process of settling in Canada, including obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and exploring employment opportunities.

Migrating to Canada from Colombia, Haiti, or Venezuela?

The new temporary pathway to permanent residence in Canada presents a valuable opportunity for Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans with extended family in Canada. However, navigating the intricacies of immigration processes can be complex.

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