April 25, 2019

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Being the maritime province, New Brunswick has opened its gateway for Canadian Permanent residency. The eastern province is home to 750,000 residents who enjoy the great outdoors and pocket friendly economy.

The province is known for their friendlier communities and most of the newcomers to Canada find themselves “home” soon after their landing. New Brunswick is the only bilingual province of Canada where majority of the English-speaking population lives in the South.

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New Brunswick best suits those categories of people who enjoys simpler lifestyles. Real estate being the major attraction of the province especially for those who have affordable budgets and is easy to purchase mortgage free house fitting their pockets. The minimum hourly wage offered for New Brunswick workers is 11.50 Canadian dollars.

Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai provides complete assistance for your Canadian migration through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

We understand your immigration goals and offers immigration consultancy based on that ensuring that your immigration goals are met. If your destination is New Brunswick, we have the right program of New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Program 2019.

Being a part of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 opens the pathway to Canadian permanent residency especially for those who have been unsuccessful at some point of their immigration application and wishes to continue.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 offers additional points to get them selected to apply for permanent residence; if the program requirements are being met. If your immigration process has pushed you out of the system or currently unsuccessful, contact Pelican Migration Consultant in Dubai to resume the process and to make your immigration dreams come true.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 (NB PNP) works mainly with an arrangement with the Canadian federal government’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as the New Brunswick provincial government.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 is an economic program, intended to select the qualified skilled and semi-skilled workers globally on a full-time employment basis to contribute to the economy of New Brunswick.

The major categories under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 are as follows:

  1. Express Entry Labor Market Category;
  2. Skilled Workers with Employer Support Category;

Eligibility criteria for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019

  • Age range to apply for the NV PNP is set around 22-55;
  • Language proficiency in either English or French is mandatory with a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 or more;
  • The post-secondary educational qualification shall be evaluated by an authorized Canadian agency in Canada.
  • Applicants if selected through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program through an occupation, must provide an employment offer;
  • It also should indicate paid full-time work in a skilled occupation within the last three years of submission of the application;
  • Should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to live and work in the province permanently;
  • Should provide enough settlement funds to help the applicant as well as the dependents whether accompanying or not settle in Canada as well as in their home country.

To apply for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 the initial process begins with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) system directly to the New Brunswick provincial government.

This indicates the candidate’s interest to migrate to the province and to settle and live there permanently. The provincial government of New Brunswick will then verify your application for meeting the mandatory eligibility requirements. Once the eligibility requirements are met the candidate will be nominated for permanent settlement.

After which an Express Entry profile is created with the details of the nomination and awaits the decision for the centralized intake office for permanent residence. For a detailed step by step analysis of the process and immigration consultation for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019, our expert consultants at Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai are always available.

For the well-established category of Express Entry Labour Market Stream, the application begins with the creation of an active profile in the Canadian Express Entry system.

The Express Entry mainly categorizes three programs namely the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades as well as Canadian Experience Class from which the qualified candidates are automatically selected for the permanent residency once the selection criteria are met.

Pelican Migration Consultants, Dubai can play a pivotal role in customizing your applications for the appropriate stream that best fits your immigration needs.

In the express entry system if there is a shortfall in your scores to get a permanent residency through the federal programs, the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 can additionally provide 600 points boosting the chances of receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent residence.

However, there are several factors that do determine the possibility of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Also, the higher scores ensure the issuance of an invitation. To determine the best possible assessment of the eligibility factors our dedicated consultants at Pelican Migration Consultant, Dubai are here to assist you.

For the New Brunswick Employer Driven Category, the applicant should possess a valid permanent full-time job offer from Canada from an authentic employer based in New Brunswick.

The company must have been operating in the province for a minimum of one year from the date of application submission, as well as the employer should detail the significant recruitment efforts.

At the same time the applicant must also demonstrate the hiring methods through which the applicant has been issued the job offer. Along with that the offered job must fall under the NOC skill level of O, A, or B. If the skill level falls under C or D then the skill type should be 1, 3, 7, 8 as well as 9.

Not only that, but also that the applicant in the skill level of O, A or B also should satisfy that they have been employed with the same employer continuously a year prior to the submission of the application. And can score a minimum of 50 points in the assessment grid.

Satisfying these conditions and being nominated to the province and on issuance of the Canadian permanent residence visa the applicant shall notify the Immigration New Brunswick of their home address and telephone number in New Brunswick within 30 days of landing in Canada.

Further to this the permanent residency cards will be issued completing the process and with the promised Permanent Residency in Canada.

Pelican migration consultant in Dubai recommends that it is best not to apply for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program 2019 if:

  • You are not a lawful resident of your resident country at the time of application submission and are unable to prove the lawful residence;
  • Processing an application under any other category or provincial program;
  • If there is any unresolved humanitarian and compassionate claim in Canada; Have an unresolved humanitarian and compassionate claim or if you are a failed claimant living in Canada;
  • If you are a failed refugee claimant or have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada;
  • If any removal order has been issued in your name;
  • Has any criminal in admissibly or are prohibited entry to Canada;
  • If you an active full-time post-secondary student, live-in Caregiver or a seasonal worker
    in Canada.

Starting a life in a new country brings lots of challenges in your life therefore the decision to relocate to any country shall be taken only after a careful review of all the aspects of life.

We here at Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai, will aid you in all the possible way so that you can make a wise decision on your relocation abilities and possibilities. Speak with us today on all your immigration queries!!!

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