July 23, 2019

Migrate to Canada from USA

Canada is a wonderful country with beautiful landscapes picturesque mountains to the Niagara Falls,   robust economy and a rich cultural history. Canada has been opening its arms to immigrants from all over the globe in the past and is continuously welcoming the immigrant community.

People chose Canada as the popular destination for migration. The migrating community includes those from the well-established countries as well.  Because of Canada’s immigrant friendly communities and policies even people from USA has been immigrating to Canada permanently.

Canada offers various immigration programs for getting permanent residence in the country. With a small population and a growing economy, even though Canada is bigger in area compared to USA, the country Canada also faces shortage of skilled workers in various fields of work. Migrating to Canada will prove as rewarding for such individuals.

Why migrate to Canada from USA

There are myriads of reasons why anyone should migrate to Canada from USA; below we are listing only few of them:

Warmer and friendly community

People who have worked in both countries would prefer Canada as the best destination to migrate, because of the warmer and immigrant friendly Canadian communities. If your choice is personal freedom, then Canada is the best country to migrate.

Job opportunities

Compared to USA, Canada provides more job opportunities and is particularly in search of skilled workers to meet their job demands. If an individual is experienced in skilled work then Canada offers abundant opportunities for such individuals.

In case of the migrants in U.S. with the current situation for the H visa holders worsening in USA, the better choice of finding a proper permanent residence is Canada.

Free Health Care Access

Canada is best known for its free health care access provided to its residents and citizens. Subsidizes of 98% are provided by the government on medicines. The country also provides tax benefits, discounts on child care items like diapers and baby food for all eligible parents with low income.

Compared to USA, the Canadian salaries may be lower compared to the salary tab in USA; however the same is compensated by the healthcare funds and facilities that are given to the permanent resident.

The country provides for pensioners and low income residents subsidized prescription medication and medical aids.

Free education &High Quality Education

Children get the best education in Canada from the publicly funded and private schools. Canada offers free education for children in public schools until the age 18 years.

Canadian education ranks highest in the world PISA scores now. PISA is the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) study conducted by OECD in 70 nations among students of 15 year old to assess their scholastic performance on mathematics, science and reading.

Canada offers world-class post-secondary education with government financial aid.

The U.S citizens  have always opted for Canada when it come s to the expenses of studying in the U.S. Compared to U.S in the expenses Canada’s top-notch universities  provides world class education at a much lesser fraction of cost. Along with that the country provides the foreign students the opportunity to work while studying in order to supplement their educational costs and living expenses in Canada. By studying in Canada the doors to permanent residence is opened for students interested in living in the country permanently.

Live and work permanently with your family

One of the core benefits of migrating to Canada is its family reunification policy. Canada very much encourages families to be together and has designed most of their immigration programs to accommodate the family members of the applicants as well. It offers permanent migration along with your spouse/partner and children. The country also provides opportunities for the spouse’s and partners work in non-employer specific work authorizations while remaining on a dependent visa.

Social Security Benefits

Like any other Canadian citizens, a permanent resident will always enjoy the social benefits offered by the country. The Canadian government also provides old age pensions, child care assistance and medical coverage to look after the well-being of the people who supports their economy.

The Canadian government developed many programs to financially support and subsidize existing and new business in multiple sectors including from guaranteed loans for business expansion, to subsidizing the salaries of employees for hiring new resources.

Unemployment insurance, Old-age insurance and guaranteed income supplement along with basic pension plans even if an individual has not worked for a single day in Canada;

The other social benefits include state-subsidized accommodation for low income people.

Workers’ compensation benefits for occupational accidents making a person disable to work;

Tax savings and monthly child care support for children less than 18 years.

Foreign Credential Recognition

Canada has authorized Foreign Credential Recognition Program. The aim of the program is to get the foreign education and work experiences get recognized in Canada to aid the foreign workers in Canada to get their job in the field.

Dual Citizenship

U.S. citizens immigrating permanently to Canada can choose become citizens of their second home country through naturalization.  Thereby Canada and USA mutually offers dual citizenships and its everlasting benefits.

The children born to US citizens in Canada will be natural-born citizenship of Canada as well as USA.

Pathways to migrate to Canada from USA

To migrate to Canada from USA, Canada immigration office offers various migration programs from temporary residence to permanent residence.

Temporary Residence in Canada

  1. Visitors/Interns/scholarships
  2. Students
  3. Temporary foreign worker
  4. Intra company transfers
  5. Working Holidays in Canada
  6. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

For all Temporary residence program like visitor/business visitors etc the Canada visa will be issued for a maximum duration of six months. However if the temporary residence is for the purpose of study or work, the applicant will be able to stay in Canada until the end date of their course or work that will be for a maximum 2 to four years depending on the type of course or work.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), allows U.S. citizens a fast track processing of their Canada temporary work permit as the Labour Market Impact assessment is not required under NAFTA.

Permanent Residence to Canada

For those seeking permanent residence in Canada either alone or along with their family can opt for any of the below detailed program based on your situation.

  1. Fast track process of Express Entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Quebec Immigration
  4. Family class and Canada class sponsorship
  5. Investment programs

Express Entry Program

Express Entry is a fast track immigration system which is offered by the federal government of Canada such that an eligible candidate can live and work anywhere in the country. The processing time of the applications are done within 6 months of submission.

Due to the strong English language skills, work experience gained in skilled work as well as the quality of higher education gained will be added advantage for all those living in the U.S to easily receive an invitation for permanent residence.

Provincial Nomination for Permanent residence

Canada’s provinces play an important role in the immigration process especially when that comes to permanent residence. All the 11 provinces and 2 territories in Canada has been always friendlier to the newcomers and the provincial government also puts forth different immigration programs to select skilled workers come and live in their province. The programs have been specifically designed to suit each individual based on their basic factors like education and work experience.  These programs can always be used as the beginning of your Canadian life experience.

Quebec migration

Compared to Canada other province, Quebec offers its own immigration process for those Quebec migration seekers. Quebec is a province with French as its predominant language. However the capital of Quebec, Montreal is completely an European style province with English predominating the language. Montreal is known for its low cost of living and for its world class universities and colleges and the capital is mostly student populous.

Sharing the American borders, Montreal is also easily accessible by roads. The social security benefits offered by Quebec are way higher than those in U.S especially with childcare, pension plans etc.

Family sponsorship outside and in Canada

Canada’s main immigration goal has been reuniting the families of its permanent residents and citizens. Families are the strong pillar of support of the country in establishing its economy. To encourage living with the families and to be more productive, Canada provides extensive immigration programs to bring the families living outside Canada through its family class and in Canada class programs.

Even if your family is living with you in Canada on a temporary visa, the country provides best suited immigration options for the family members along with the opportunity to work in Canada. Children studies for free and do not require a study permit to pursue their education in public schools.

Business Investment Immigration

Business Investment immigration targets the investors and businessmen who can uphold the country’s economy by positively contributing to its growth. The investors shall provide more employment opportunities for the skilled workers aiding the country’s economic growth. The business immigration provides a plethora of investment opportunities in the Canadian provinces including Quebec. A few of the program are:

  • British Columbia has an entrepreneur immigration program
  • Ontario entrepreneur and corporate stream
  • Manitoba entrepreneur and Farm investor pathway
  • Nova Scotia entrepreneur program
  • Quebec investor program  etc

If you are seeking more information and assistance for the Canadian immigration, contact Pelican Migration Consultant’s experienced consultants.  We have been helping individuals achieve their immigration goals and can assist you in all your immigration needs right from the beginning of the process until you land in Canada. If you are inclined to relocate to Canada from U.S do talk to us or complete our web assessment form, we are always ready to help you in achieving your dream destination.

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