May 24, 2024

May 2024 Australian Immigration Updates

With the financial year nearing its end, Australia's immigration landscape is witnessing several noteworthy adjustments. As policymakers evaluate the effectiveness of existing immigration policies and anticipate future needs, various changes are being implemented across the system. In this article, we'll explore some of the key modifications taking place, shedding light on how they may impact prospective immigrants and the broader immigration landscape in Australia.

Expansion of SA DAMA with Addition of 128 New Occupations

The SA DAMA, covering both the South Australian regional and Adelaide City regions, has been extended and expanded, welcoming 128 new occupations.

The South Australian regional DAMA has broadened its scope by incorporating 128 fresh occupations spanning diverse sectors like construction, trade, agribusiness, ICT, health, education, and renewable energy.

Among the newly added occupations are registered nurse in child and family health, registered nurse in disability and rehabilitation, winery worker (with benefits for South Australia's Barossa and Clare Valley regions), sheep farm worker, truck driver, bricklayer, and floor finisher. Notably, the truck driver occupation, previously restricted, is now accessible across the entire state.

Student Visa Financial Requirement Update:

Financial Capacity Augmentation:

Effective May 10, 2024, Student visa applicants must meet a heightened financial capacity of AUD 29,710, up from the previous AUD 24,505.

The Australian student visa and graduate visa programs underwent notable changes, reshaping international education and post-study prospects in the country. Effective March 23, 2024, updates feature heightened English language standards and the introduction of the genuine student requirement.

TOEFL iBT is now approved for all types of Australian visas

TOEFL iBT is now recognized for all Australian visas, effective from May 5, 2024, onwards. Tests must be conducted at secure test centers, as online English tests are not currently accepted by the department for visa and migration purposes.

Discontinuation of the 476 Visa

As anticipated, the Skilled Recognized Graduate 476 visa will cease to be available from July 1, 2024. While disappointing for many, its closure was widely anticipated.

Changes to Graduate Visas

The primary adjustment entails lowering the maximum eligible age from under 50 to under 35 years, set to take effect from July 1, 2024.

Exceptions are made for holders of Hong Kong and British overseas national passports, extending eligibility up to the age of 50.

Additional adjustments to the graduate visa encompass elevating the minimum English proficiency criterion and shortening the timeframe for English test validity to one year preceding the application date.

This indicates that applicants might be required to ensure they undertake and fulfill their English tests before initiating their applications.

Skilled Points Assessment Document

The Australian Government has issued a document detailing potential modifications to the points criteria for visas 189, 190, and 491.

The assessment might adjust the points allocation by eliminating or decreasing certain factors while introducing new ones.

Points for partners could see an increase, while age points may be allocated on a sliding scale, and English proficiency points might also transition to a more gradual scale.

The consultation divides occupations into three categories:

1. Confident On List – Occupations deemed certain to remain on the list by Jobs and Skills Australia.

Occupations like Registered Nurse, Social Worker, Diesel Motor Mechanic, and IT Network Administrator are listed under the Confident On List.

2. Confident Off List – Occupations suggested for removal based on current labor market insights.

Occupations like Cafe or Restaurant Manager, Cattle Farmer, ICT Project Manager, and Real Estate Representative are included in the Confident Off List.

3. VETASSESS Skills Assessment Update:

Applications for cook, diesel motor mechanic, and motor mechanic are now being accepted again by VETASSESS.

However, several other trade occupations that were paused in 2023 are still not being accepted.

Closure of State Nominated 190 and 491 Visas:

Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory have already ceased accepting expressions of interest. Other states and territories may follow suit shortly.

This concludes the key updates in Australian immigration as of early May 2024. For personalized guidance tailored to your circumstances, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

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