March 23, 2023

International Experience Canada program to increase the applicant intake and program open date for 2023

The Canadian government will boost the number of applications for the International Experience Canada (IEC) program the following year. They announced the program's launch date as January 9, 2023, at a news conference held today in Banff, Alberta.

Under the IEC program, young persons between the ages of 18 and 35 who reside in any of Canada's 36 partner countries may do so for up to two years while working and traveling there, and vice versa. Approximately 15,000 more spots will become available after January 9th, 2023, representing a 20% increase in the number of applications. In order to help employers meet their labor demands, notably those for seasonal employment openings in the Canadian tourism industry, this will allow "nearly 90,000 individuals, particularly adolescents from Francophone backgrounds, to work and visit in Canada.

The government is allowing more foreign youngsters to work and visit in Canada, successfully assisting companies, the majority of which are in the tourism industry, in obtaining the employees they require," says Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. We strengthen our economy and help our businesses thrive by giving youth opportunities for international travel and work experience, particularly in seasonal places like Banff.

Finally, the impending IEC program modification allows Canada to accomplish two widely desired goals: helping Canadian employers find the workers they require and assisting "children to explore other cultures, languages, and civilizations, all while building life skills and increasing their future career prospects.


About the IEC program

The IEC program's three streams are listed below.

Working holiday: Participants in this stream of the IEC "receive an open work visa that lets them work anywhere in the host nations" in order to "fund their travels."

International Co-op (internship): A work permit tailored to a particular employer is given to participants in this IEC stream. The ability to work specifically in their subject of study is provided by this specialized work permit.

Young professionals: Participants in this IEC program stream, like those in the international co-op stream, obtain an employer-specific work permit. The experience these students get, on the other hand, is meant to assist them to continue their chosen career path while also allowing them to "earn targeted, professional work experience that is within their field of study.


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