March 15, 2024

Implications of Submitting Fraudulent Papers for Australian Visas

Thinking of migrating to Australia using fake documents in your visa application? Hold on! Read this blog before proceeding further.

Upon reading this blog post, you may reconsider your approach. Given that the Australian Government enforces strict measures to uphold immigration system integrity, honesty and integrity are paramount when submitting applications, be it for a working visa, skilled visa, or tourist visa.

A vital component of Australian immigration policy aimed at curbing visa fraud is Public Interest Criterion 4020, which mandates the submission of accurate information and genuine evidence. To adhere to PIC 4020, the Department of Home Affairs employs rigorous assessment procedures to verify the authenticity of information and documents provided by visa applicants.

Before delving into the specifics of submitting forged documents for Australian visas and the repercussions, it's crucial to understand what constitutes a forged or fraudulent document. Read on to learn more in this blog post.

What Constitutes a Bogus or Forged Document?

Under the Migration Act 1958 (section 5), documents proven to be false or counterfeit are classified as bogus, while forged documents are specifically defined as:

  1. Documents falsely attributed to an individual but not legitimately issued to them.
  2. Altered or counterfeit documents created by unauthorized persons.
  3. Documents acquired through the deliberate or inadvertent provision of misleading information.

In visa applications, fraud manifests in various ways, including submitting counterfeit documents, offering deceptive information, or intentionally concealing facts. This encompasses instances where applicants or their representatives furnish fabricated documents or inaccurate details to the Department of Home Affairs.

Take a glance at the table below to discern between a counterfeit document and misleading information:

Forged Documents Misleading Information
Identity documents False statements
Work references Excluding relevant information
Educational credentials Fabrication or altering facts is considered falsification.
Forged documents are scrutinized using cutting-edge technologies. Background data analysis determines the accuracy of information provided.

Visa Cancellation due to Forged Documents

Explore the forged documents below that may lead to visa refusal or cancellation in Australia.

  1. Submitting inaccurate information on Form 1263 for a Working Holiday Visa application.
  2. Falsifying marital status details to increase points for skilled migration visas.
  3. Presenting fraudulent work experience certificates.
  4. Submitting forged payslips related to employment.
  5. Altering identity details like name or passport issuance.
  6. Manipulating bank account information and statements.
  7. Providing fake documents regarding university qualifications or skills.

Should you submit any of the mentioned bogus or forged documents with your application to the Department of Home Affairs, you'll face severe repercussions. Let's delve into the consequences of providing such documents for an Australian visa. For expert assistance, book an appointment now.

Consequences of False Documentation

The Department of Home Affairs conducts a thorough analysis of visa applications, assessing the authenticity of submitted documents. The consequences of submitting forged documents include:

1. Visa Revocation

Explore the scenarios in which the Australian Government may revoke your visa application.

  1. Your visa may be revoked if you submit fraudulent or forged documents with your application.
  2. If a family member submits a visa application with misleading or fraudulent documents, it could negatively impact your own visa application.
  3. Similarly, attaching forged documents to your visa application can affect future visa applications for your family members intending to apply for visas in Australia.
  4. Including bogus documents in your application, especially when it involves your family dependents, may result in the Australian Government refusing visas for your dependents.
  5. Providing false information in your application could lead to a ban preventing your entry into Australia for up to three years.
  6. Australian visa holders discovered to have submitted fraudulent documentation after entering the country may face visa cancellation and deportation, although they may be eligible to apply for another visa offshore under certain circumstances.

What to Do When Your Visa Gets Cancelled?

If your visa is cancelled due to forged documents, the Department of Home Affairs will inform you and provide a 28-day window to respond. If you cannot provide valid evidence to refute the false information, the Department may require you to appeal the decision review through the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

Here is important information: If your visa application has been recently cancelled or refused by the Australian Government, or if you've received a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation, you can contact us at Pelican Migration Consultants.

We will help you discuss your case with the tribunal or court and submit an appeal to review the Government’s visa cancellation decision.

Additionally, providing forged documents in your visa application can lead to various other consequences.

2. Legal Ramifications

In Australia, immigration fraud constitutes a criminal offense. Individuals found guilty of submitting false documents may face penalties, including potential imprisonment, based on the severity of the fraud and the circumstances of the case.

3. Damage to Credibility

Partaking in fraudulent activities harms your credibility and reputation, impacting your standing within both the Australian and your home communities.

4. Record in Immigration System

Instances of submitting forged documents are documented by Australian immigration authorities, potentially affecting future visa applications not only in Australia but also in other countries.

5. Risk of Deportation

Individuals who enter Australia with falsified documents risk deportation if their fraud is discovered. This entails immediate departure from the country, often at their own expense, and a temporary ban from re-entry for a specified period.

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