March 28, 2019

How to get a Canada job offer or Canada work permit from Dubai?

A Canadian Job offer or a Canadian Work Permit Visa is subject of dream to every expats who are working in many parts of the world. The application process to get a Canada Work Permit visa from Dubai varies depending up on the individual job skills, education and work experience.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been introducing a wide range of immigration programs to individuals who are planning to get a Canada Job offer from Dubai. In this article, we would like to assist you by providing more inside information about programs which would help you to get a Canada job offer from Dubai.

1. Canada Work Permit Visa

Every Foreign Employee who is planning to get a Canada Job offer from UAE should apply for the Canadian Work Permit Visa before entering Canada. The country of Canada is inviting around 300,000 foreign workers who come to the country on a work permit visa.

There is a step by step process involved in applying for a Canada Work Permit Visa which is:

  1. Employer should apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact assessment)
  2. Issuing Temporary job offer for the right Candidate
  3. Work Permit Visa Application Process
  4. Issuing Work Permit Visa

2. Express Entry Program

If the applicant is planning to get a Canadian Permanent Residency status before Canada Job offer, Canadian government has a faster and effective immigration program called Express Entry System in which applicants are given points based on factors like age, education, work experience, language proficiency results, Spouse factors and adaptability points.

Applicants who got selected from the express entry pool will be eligible to submit the final permanent residency application. Once a Canadian Permanent Residency status is achieved, they will have the right to live and work in Canada for 5 years without any restrictions.

Once an applicant has a Canadian Permanent Residency status, getting a Canada job offer will be an easy task.

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